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Coffee Aviator Bomber Style Shearling Jacket with Polar Fox Fur and Hood


Original price was: $2,600.00.Current price is: $1,495.00.

  • Designed from genuine shearling pelts
  • Stylish inbuilt belt along the neckline
  • Leather trims around the shoulder, upper arm, edge of the sleeve and waistline
  • Sheepskin woolen layer on the collar, frontline and the handcuffs
  • Requires minimal care and maintenance
  • Available in a wide variation of size

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This is a Special/Customized Order. 

ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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To make a grand entrance at any event, one has to wear this suave aviator bomber shearling jacket. Skilled artisans have maintained a perfect balance between the aesthetic and utilitarian features when designing this outfit.

Owing to the natural insulating capacity of shearling wool, one receives absolute protection from the cold wind. The detachable hood and collar of fox fur certainly offers extra protection in wintry weather. The large pockets and metal zipper are two other utilitarian features of this deluxe outfit.

Bomber Aviator Shearling Jacket Exclusive Features

Owing to the shearling wool interior, this jacket doesn’t let the body lose its natural temperature. At the same time, the sheepskin works as a shield against the cold air. Thus, one receives dual protection during the winter season. Furthermore, the stylish collar of Polar fox fur gives warmth and comfort to the neck. The buckled leather belt attached to the collar allows one to adjust its fit around the neck.

The detachable hood of Polar fox is certainly another useful feature of this outfit. The furry collar is broad enough to cover the entire neck. However, one may need to use the hood to cover the entire head on the windy days of winter. It’s possible to easily attach and remove the hood as per one’s necessity.

Owing to the bomber style, this jacket has elasticized hemline. It ensures proper fitting around the waist. The centrally located metal zipper is undeniably a user-friendly and stylish feature. The large flap pockets add edge to this jacket’s looks. Also, they are useful for carrying personal items and keeping the palms warm.

Look Debonair in Bomber Shearling Jacket in Aviator Style

In this handcrafted jacket, trims of shearling wool accentuate the sleeves. This deluxe leather jacket equally complements the formal, semi-formal and casual looks of men’s bottom-wear. It can make a man look trendy and smart on all occasions whether it’s a formal event, semi-formal party or casual day-out.

Key Components

  • Luxuriant sheepskin bomber jacket with leather detailing on the sleeves
  • Elasticated hemline for proper fit
  • Large front-side pockets with buttoned flaps
  • Centrally located metal zipper
  • Detachable hood and collar of Polar fox fur
  • Buckled leather strap attached to the collar
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