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This is a Special/Customized Order.

DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order.

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The product line has an exceptional color that can be paired with any bottoms. The distressed tan-brown color has special attention and sophisticated appeal. The flight jacket is easy to carry and carted with precision. Designed with hands, the jacket is made from original pelts of Shearling Jacket or lambskin.

It is soft and supple in texture, keeping you warm and comfortable in extreme low weather conditions. The distressed tan-brown color is pretty unique and has a vintage style vibe too. The jacket is well covered with leather trims throughout. The dark brown leather lining covers the shoulder area, chest, wrist, cuffs of the wrist area, waistline and also complimenting the zipper lining. The same lining is well fabricated to the jacket of the jacket.

Curated with hands, the flight style Shearling Jacket can be worn to any event or social gathering. It guarantees a fit for all, regardless of height or physique. Also, it features in a variety of sizes. The main aspect of the jacket is how the suede finish jacket is well lined with leather detailing as well as wool trims.

The woollen layer of the fabric is flipped and exposed to the collar section. Furthermore, the wrist and the bottom edge of the jacket is also ornated with sheepskin wool trims. In addition, there is an inbuilt stylish belt around the neckline, sourced from original leather and dark brown in color. The overall look of the jacket is aesthetically appealing.

The zippers installed are of high-quality that offer space for optimum insulation when worn. The side pockets are box styled with flaps and buttons on them. They are spacious and hand-warming that help in keeping your palms warm and comfortable, regardless of the weather condition.

Detailing of the product –

Crafted from original pelts of shearling

The inner woollen lining is exposed to the collar area, cuffs and the bottom edge

Needs minimal care and maintenance

Top-notch quality zippers ensuring optimum insulation

An inbuilt stylish belt around the neckline

Spacious and stylish hand-warming side pockets with button closure

The jacket comes in a wide variation of size

This is a Special/Customized Order. DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order.

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  1. Richard

    I purchased shearling coats before from different websites and somehow couldn’t help comparing those to your product. Although the price is nearly the same this one is better with high quality finish.

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