This striking head gear for women is made from top notch variety of fox fur. Blue hue that the cap reflects makes it more appealing as well as graceful. Almost every hair can be easily singled out. Designed with immense creativity and innovation, you can easily wear the stylish fashion accessory to attend formal and casual social gatherings or parties. Made from quality fur, the item has luxuriously soft and supple texture. You can easily match the fur cap with both formal and informal dressing. Moreover just like any genuine fur item, it requires minimal care and maintenance to last for years at a stretch. The product line is thoroughly crafted by hand involving immense love and care. The stylish fur cap has absolutely flawless finishing that ensures value for money. The appealing fashion accessory showcases your delicate taste and elegant choice in matters related to fashion. This is indeed your best choice to appear trendier, sexier, hotter, classier, more stylish, elegant and tasteful.