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Leather sounds classy! With a real leather jacket, denim and a pair of boots, anyone can easily be the central attention at anywhere. A lot of people think that these stylish leather outerwear and footwear are the gift of today’s fashion. But NO! Leather outerwear is in the practice from long before.

People know fashion changes always, what is ruling today maybe that cannot rule tomorrow. But there are a few classy things which are in the flow from long before and hopefully will be in the future.

So, when it comes to leather history then a lot of scenarios comes into the minds. Some relate it to the royal regime some say different. But from the proofs, it gets known that leather outerwear has introduced into the genre during the First World War. “A war engages style”- it may sound strange. In other words, it can be said that war not only destroys but also gives birth, maybe a new country or a new style.

In the days of the fight, military men used to wear leather jackets in order to keep them warm in too cold weather. That outerwear style was “bomber”. Navigators and the bombardiers mainly preferred this style. Apart from this, another style “motorcycle jacket” has come into the practice. And it was inspired and designed by Irving Schott. During the Second World War, military men, and motorcycle have become commonplace. And they felt the need of adding protection. And that time Schott designed the protective biker jacket for them.

In the mid-1900s, this style was adopted in the sporting domain. And common people got hugely inspired. From that time, people were in the wish to adopt this style in their daily life. At the same time, some Hollywood icons started to wear this and leather outerwear got the iconic status. Apart from the military and police department, motorcycle got introduced into the common man’s life and in the same way, leather outerwear took the place in their life. Maybe there are a lot of wearing material available outside but matching the superiority of real leather is very tough rather entirely impossible. And that’s why leather garments, footwear, and accessories seem this much classy even in this digital era. It is just like matching tradition in a modern way.

If you too feel leather is classy and want to avail the latest collection then you should deal with a genuine leather retailer otherwise there is a great chance of fraud. Actually, it has been noticed that a lot of retailers sell alternative products in name of real leather by simply befooling the customers. And you should not be a fool buyer anymore. In order to get a reliable one, online research and referrals from your trusted ones can be effective. Along with these, you need to keep a fact in your concern is that real leather is a bit expensive. If anyone offers you real products at a very low price then you can get sure that is NOT REAL!

So, be wise, know leather from its root, choose the best retailer and wear the best one!

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    So many controversies are there regarding leather jackets. Thanks Alen Cooper for showing the truth and courage!

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