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Many people feel reluctant when it comes to buying real fur outerwear due to negative press they often get. The dilemma is everlasting, just like the dilemma continues between non-vegetarian and vegetarian! But what most matters is YOURSELF! If you are happy at the end of the day, we can do better all the good things. Due to the easy availability and cheap price range, synthetic alternatives got huge popularity at the end of 1990 and starting of 2000.

But the increased globalization and harmful effects of the synthetic alternatives have diverted people from the point of interest hugely. In order to produce alternatives, a lot of chemicals need to be used. The production process and the wastage harm the soil, air, and water. It directly contributes the environmental pollution. Apart from this, when these alternatives directly come to the contact of human skin, cause a lot of skin rashes, itching, and bumps. Even you may need to consult a dermatologist and undergo a serious treatment.

Any valid logic to bear these problems?

Not at all!

Animal fur is way safer and does not contribute to global warming and pollution. Real fur may be a little expensive in comparison with the alternatives but the best fact is that animal fur comes with a long life span.

Apart from the lifespan, there are a lot of reasons to invest in real fur this fall. Fur is in the use since the Stone Age and still, it is in high demand. It has been noticed that in the countries where winter is too cold and snowy there fur usage is comparatively higher than others. If we evaluate the reasons here then we can better understand the importance of real fur. So, let’s start-

Amazing Warmth- Still the Stone Age people are just in love with real fur products over any other type of winter clothing. Without being bulky, they can offer you incredible warmth even in the days of too cold winter. You can wear it, just over a T-shirt. There is no need to wear too many clothes to protect the cold and feel warm inside. Real animal fur such as mink or rabbit fur can keep you warm even in the minus temperature. At Alen Cooper, there are so many real mink fur coats for sale presently.

Comfort- It is another great reason for returning to fur products again. Synthetic alternatives are not able to offer you the same level of comfort and soothing experience. On the contrary, when alternatives directly come to contact to skin, can easily cause skin irritation, itching, rashes, and bumps. Along with this, there is no breathable property to keep your skin fresh. But with real fur, you can enjoy proper insulation and comfort at the best level.

Everlasting fashion- generally, we know fashion fades with the time but the style is the constant. But with real fur, this proverb does not match. It has high fashion value since the Stone Age and still, it is just rocking the trend. In the Victorian era, real fur outerwear, vests, collar, and hats were accepted as the symbol of class and elegance. Only the high-status people of society were able to afford these products. Both men and women could wear these fur garments.

Modern Sensation- Fur has never gone out of fashion. And the modern world is just gaga about the real fur outerwear. No matter wherever you are going, fur outerwear can make you more attractive than ever. From Hollywood celebrities to famous models, everyone prefers to wear these fur outerwear. Nowadays, famous magazine covers also come with models who are wearing this kind of outerwear, just to make the cover page more elegant.

These four are the main benefits that you can enjoy by availing real fur outerwear from Alen Cooper.

Alen Cooper is an old and reliable destination for these winter products. It is here for more than a decade. Now you can reach both online and offline.  Here you will get any kind of fur coat for women and men easily at a reasonable price. You can satisfy any kind of product related query with us. We will promptly answer your question.

In our next blog, we are coming with the best fur care and cleaning methods. Stay connected!

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