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Since the dawn of civilization, man has fashioned himself with skin of animals to stay warm and insulated in extreme cold climates. This tradition is still continuing although things now are much different from those times. Since those early times sheep has been one of the steadiest suppliers of the best quality pelts. As a matter of fact shearling is also known as sheepskin or lambskin. But true shearling is invariably sourced from young lambs and not fully grown sheep. On the other hand both sheepskin and wool are sourced from fully grown sheep.

Is this distinction important?

Sheepskin is rougher compared to shearling and it is not as soft as in texture either. Lambskin or shearling is not only luxuriously soft and supple but also offers significant warmth and comfortable. Thus it is an excellent investment option for stylish souls living in harsh wintry climatic regions.

This particular fabric has unbelievable demand in fashion industry. Considering its sky-high commercial prospect many countries around the world are involved in its export business. However, the best quality is obtained from Europe and nowhere else. A number of European nations including Iceland, Spain and Turkey are reliable pelt suppliers.

Once a manufacturer acquires the pelts, a number of steps are followed before garments are actually made from those. Let us sum up those steps or procedures as following:

  • Matching pelts are categorized together
  • This is done to make it look that wool for a coat or jacket came from a single lamb
  • In the next step patterns are cut manually and this requires highly skilled professionals
  • Then the pelts are sewn together

This overall procedure is time-consuming and requires manual labor and intervention. Thus lambskin dressing items are so expensive. Glove-suede leather is used for the outer surface of these coats or jackets.

Classic cut shearling coat with chic merino fur collar for stylish men'sBut why should you invest your hard-earned money on lambskin jackets or coats?

Highly skilled and trained designers having years of experience in making genuine Shearling coats for stylish men sum up the factors as following:

  • This range of winter clothing items is highly durable and lasts long for years at a stretch even with minimal care and maintenance.
  • They offer substantial warmth and comfort even in extreme cold.
  • The fabric is very lightweight; as such it is lighter than fur.
  • You do not have to take them to dry cleaners at routine intervals.
  • The majority of this range of winter clothing items is resistant to water.

When the jacket gets wet in rain or snow just let it dry in room temperature under a shade at a well-ventilated place. Once it gets dried just brush off the water stains with your hands.

In summers when you are not using these items store them in a dry place. Wrap them in a paper or keep them in a card board box making sure sufficient air passes through the to keep these jackets breathable.

Lambskin coats are equally preferred among both men and women. This is because not only it keeps them warm and comfortable in harsh winters but also they are fashionable enough. As far as women’s version of these jackets is concerned, they cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000. In other words the range of clothing merchandise is expensive.

The fiber and its varieties

Lambskin is basically the pelts of sheepskin that are uniformly shared to get the same length and feel. However it is not just shorn wool. Rather it is the pelt of young lamb. The pelts are tanned with the wool still visibly present on them. The combination of sueded leather on the outer side and soft wool on the inner side makes these pelts unbelievably insulated to protect you from cold shivering wind. This combination also makes the fabric highly durable to last for years at a stretch.

When varieties are concerned Merino lambskin is sourced from older sheep and yet the wool is very soft and also dense. Enterfino is another variety, which is denser and thicker than the rest. Rasado variety is the softest and the lightest; it is sourced from youngest lambs. Corto is sourced from young lambs as well but has short wool. Toscana pelts have long wool and are a costly item.

Choose your variety

While shopping for lambskin clothing items do not go by price. Rather go by the climate you live in. here is a short guideline:

  • Rasado variety is ideal for mild winters.
  • Merino variety pelts are ideal for regions with colder climate.

Also select your clothing items on basis of expert craftsmanship. Remember buying a lambskin coat is no less an investment.

Men’s iconic incredibly warm and stylish mid-length shearling winter coat newCleaning and caring

When lambskin clothing is concerned, the tanned surface is worn on the outside while the wool on the inside. Any technically sound dry cleaner providing professional service can clean this range of garments to the level of excellence. But if your coat is lightly soiled, you can tackle the issue yourself.

Do clean your lambskin coat every year before stacking it away in spring. Do not store it with stains and dirt. If it gets very dirty then you have no other option but to take it to a professional cleaner.

As a good thumb rule give your lambskin clothing a couple of washes a year. Then you don’t have to take it to dry cleaning agencies.

Consider using a cleaning brush or suede stone to scour off those patches of dirt from the jacket surface. Brush the wool on the inner side with a dry rag. If you come across any tough staining in the wool lining tackle it with a wet rag.

Designers crafting shearling winter jackets suggest to air dry these jackets. If the wool lining is wet just turn it inside out while drying. Never ever place a lambskin jacket in washing machine. Neither place it near a fire or heater to get it dry fast.

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