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Leather is a natural substance that is sourced from various animals. It is one of the most popular products in making furniture as well as fashion items and fashion accessories. One of the most popular items made of it is jackets. Leather jackets are an admired dressing item over the ages. Unlike any other winter clothing item it is highly fashionable and resonate a class apart. Moreover it is unbelievably durable and acts as a reliable shield from harsh weather.

Thus unlike any other kind of jackets or winter wear it is equally popular across every section of the society. Almost every category of celebrities as well as commoners – including musicians, rock stars, aviators, motorcyclists, actors, students, painters – are found wearing one.

Classy and feminine olive moto jacket for women with detachable Finn raccoon fur collar with model newConsidering this huge commercial success it is obvious that one may pass you on an inferior quality of the item in the market made of faux leather at the original’s price. This thing keeps happening everywhere and it is indeed tough to identify the bluff. The best way out is to update your knowledge base on leather as a whole so that you can recognize an artificial item from its genuine counterpart easily.

Thankfully there are several ways to recognize original leather. You just need to be little patience to try out some of the tips discussed below to get the real picture.

Tips to identify real leather items from fake counterparts

Start with the price tag: One of the major ways to distinguish between real and artificial leather items is the price tag. Compared to the cost of a jacket made of the synthetic variety its original counterpart costs you even if nothing at least 2x more. If you find great products anywhere at throwaway price you can be damn sure its artificial variety of the item.

However this method is not very reliable in all circumstances. Unscrupulous shop-owners won’t spare a thought to hand you over an artificial leather jacket at a hefty price if they find out you’re a novice in the trade.

So how would you deal with them? Here’re some tried and tested solutions, just keep reading.

Feel and touch: Premium quality of the item invariably gives a unique sensation when touched. It feels little smooth and warm. But if you feel excess smoothness and plastic-like feel on touching an item, you can be certain it is artificial or faux variety.

Observe the pattern in texture: faux version of the item is synthesized in a machine with help of chemicals. This leads to formation of symmetrical texture. Whereas, designers working on genuine Moto jackets for women with detachable real fur collar point out, pure leather shows uneven texture patterns even within a small limited surface. That is why a genuine motorcycle jacket looks kind of distressed and full of grains.

You can smell leather: Pure version of the item gives out a natural, organic kind of smell and you can get it when you take your nose close enough. Contrastingly the faux variety usually smells like plastic or chemicals.

Water absorbing capacity: Pure leather possesses the capacity to absorb water. This happens due to the presence of innumerable pores across the surface. Places where moisture is present show dark patches. These patches vanish away only when the moisture particles evaporate. The artificial variety does not absorb water. Spill just a few drops of water on a Moto jacket and watch; if the water droplets get absorbed you can be rest assured you’ve a genuine item in hand.

Observe the edges: Merchandises made from the pure variety of the item always bear coarse edges and rough roundness while those made from the faux version have smooth and perfect edges.

Fire testing: This particular test procedure, though offers reliable result, but is not solicited under normal circumstance. It also involves certain amount of risk. In case you take this test make sure all the necessary precautions are in proper place. Pick a tiny edge of the jacket in question and hold it close to fire. If it’s made of the faux variety it gives out a plastic smell, else you won’t get that plastic-like smell.

Bend it: If you bend the pure version of the item, you see variations in color as well as pores. This variation is absent in the faux variety, rather it wrinkles easily.

Weight check: As we know, pure leather is sourced from cowhide and lambskin. Thus, the real version of the item is always heavier than its synthetic counterpart.

These are the easy and reliable tricks to identify the pure version of the item from the man-made one. To sum up everything at one go just remember that pure leather is durable and ofcourse more costly. A genuine biker jacket not only improves your appearance on every aspect but also offers sufficient warmth and comfort in harsh climatic conditions. However its synthetic version only caters to your appearance. That is why wise people believe that real motorcycle jackets are unquestionably a one-time investment with life-long usage.

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