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The way of living is changing at a fast pace. There was a time when people go gaga about alternative products. Synthetic alternatives are no doubt cheaper and easy to avail. But questions arrived when people find increasing global warming and various health issues continuously? Aren’t we the ultimate reason for these?

Yes, we are the utmost reason for this situation! A lot of discussions have already taken place due to this situation and hopefully, we have found some way to minimize the increasing rate of global warming. If you notice closely, you will see from the early morning to the late night, we all use some synthetic alternatives in our day to day life. And the production of these products is directly invoking global warming. So, what best we can do now? We can less use these products by availing organic products.

Leather, fur, and shearling are the best and comfortable organic materials which can ensure a greater warmth as well as style. These are easily bio-degradable and production manners do not contribute to global warming. This is a concerned fact for which a lot of people tending towards these organic products from the world of synthetic alternatives. It is not that only increased temperature of the earth is the ultimate reason for which a great number of people are going ORGANIC but also there are a lot of sound reasons. Let’s explore those reasons from the below section-

    1. First of all, it all starts with the skin rashes. According to medical research, every year a large number of people need to visit the dermatologist and skin specialists due to skin rashes. A type of rashes takes place, especially in the winter. And no doubt that is too much irritating. One of the main reasons for winter skin rashes is wearing synthetic alternative products such as faux jackets and coats. Just a jacket can increase your winter suffering! There is no reason to tolerate! And that’s why a lot of people are welcoming organic products more and more. Nowadays, a lot of people buyfor adding comfort and style.


    1. When it comes to style then it needs to say that style and fashion has a great difference. “Fashion changes but style endures”. And that’s why leather is in the style from the First World War time and still ruling the trend. Some products are evergreen just like the leather. No matter which type of occasion you are going to join leather outerwear can make your outer appearance perfect for there.


    1. Synthetic alternatives are not so warm. With a faux jacket, you may have to wear another warm cloth to beat the cold. But with a real leather jacket, you can easily protect yourself from the cold. You can wear a normal t-shirt under the leather outerwear although you will not feel the cold. It has been noticed that in the countries where winter is too cold there people are just gaga about real leather products. Real leather is a great way to keep the body warm without any discomfort.


    1. With the synthetic alternative such as the faux jacket, you can feel suffocated inside like a lot of other people. But with the real leather jacket for women and men, you will not face this problem. Pure leather has breathable properties and it keeps you fresh all day.


    1. Leather saves your investments! Shocked? Don’t get! We know that leather is an expensive investment although it saves your investment. How? If you buy a synthetic alternative then that item can run hard for two years (if you maintain well). And after two years, you have to buy another one. But if you buy a real leather product then it can accompany you for a longer time of span. Generally, real leather jackets easily pass from one generation to the next generation.


These are the main five reasons, for which a lot of people are tending towards the organic leather at a fast pace. There are a lot of places in the USA from where you can buy the best quality outerwear at the right price. Or you can simply deal with us.

Alen Cooper is a reliable destination to shop for real leather, shearling, and fur outerwear and footwear. It has started its journey ten years back and within a short span of time, it has become a favorite destination to a lot of people. There are a lot of BIG brothers in the industry although people choose us and it is really amazing to us. We do fair business and we do not like to enable any hidden term and conditions like others. What we have said in our website we will do that and let people deal in the same way with us. In order to know more about us, you can visit the about us, privacy policy, and return policy pages. Visiting all these pages will help you to commit a fairer deal with us.

Hope this blog will help you to buy ORGANIC and smart! Have a great day!


When winter arrives, fashion lovers started to search this phrase “I want to buy a leather jacket online in the USA” in all the search engines so that they get the best products without pouring too much effort. Winter seems incomplete if there is no perfect leather jacket in your wardrobe. Maybe you already have a lot of leather jackets in your closet but you cannot claim that all those suit you the best. Actually, often we buy the wrong one or avail one which not gets fit with us properly. This type of situation takes place when you do not research properly before buying. It is not only your problem but also a large number of people do the same thing and end up by picking the wrong one. Hopefully, the shopping regime is changing and the buyers are becoming smart day by day.

Nowadays, a large number of people mainly the youths do proper research before committing any purchase. And it is really appreciable. Proper research helps you to pick the best product from the market. From the best brand to the right price- you can know everything if you do the required research. With the help of the internet, the research job has become easier. Just with a few clicks, you can easily know all the details of a product or service or even about a retailer.

So, when it comes to buying real leather jackets for men and women then there are some effective tips for you. Alen Cooper not only promotes its products but also helps the customers to shop smarter. In the following section, there are eight effective tips and by following those you will definitely buy the best products (no matter from where). So, let’s discuss-

Leather quality- your research job should start with checking the leather quality. The leather is good or not that you need to know to shop the best. Real leather has uneven edges, soft texture, and typical smell. And generally, the real leather outerwear comes with the proper label. In the label, it will be clearly declared about the quality of the leather. But if the phrase ‘manmade’ is pasted then you can get sure that the product is not real, it is a synthetic alternative. Or if the label does not say anything then you should avoid the product buying something with the vague assurance of the quality is not a smart step.

Real leather texture can vary from the product to product such as some are thick, thin, super soft, hard, shiny or suede and all these types play a great role when it comes to durability. Generally, the leather which has subtle texture runs for a longer time of span.


Length- Alen Cooper suggests you check the length of the outerwear as it wants to guide you to buy a leather jacket properly. You will see, a lot of other brands are suggesting their crafted sizes to customers. But that is not the right conception. Your exact outerwear size depends on your body structure. There are different types of jackets of various sizes. If you like biker jackets then it will be a little shorter than other options as it ends upper the waist area. According to your need and shape, you need to choose the right length. From the size guide picture, you can get a more clear idea about your required leather outerwear size.

Hardware- The color matters a lot! There are various types of colored leather jackets are available in Alen Cooper. According to the occasion or your need, you can pick the best one. There are some versatile colors which match everywhere such as tan and black. If you get these colors then you are lucky to enjoy all the events without worrying about your outerwear. But if you are tired of these regular colors then you can go for some change as Alen Cooper allows you to do such with its broader color variations.

Shoulder Alignment- your chosen leather jackets shoulder should line up perfectly so that it can craft a structure. But generally when people choose an oversized boyfriend style then this rule does not need to work. From the size guide, you need to pick the right one, a small one can offer you a too uncomfortable fit or with an oversized one you feel like a clown. If you want to craft one to match your exact body shape then Alen Cooper can help you as it has the ‘customized product selling’ option for its customers.

Collar style- the next thing is collar style that you need to look after when you need to buy real leather jackets. Generally, manufacturers constantly change up details on leather jackets to make their designs unique. We too do same. But we know nothing can beat the lapel collar style. And that’s why we often combine some styles with the lapel collar style. Apart from these, we love to craft belted collar, v-collar and stand collar jackets for the jacket lovers.

Lining- It is another great factor that you need to check before buying real leather outerwear. When it comes to the shine and freshness then the lining matters a lot! You may not get this detail in all the products of other brands. But we love to share that we use high-quality satin lining so that our customers can enjoy the shine for a longer span.

Other detailing- this is the last thing that you need to check before committing the purchase. Detailing is very important. It has been noticed that zippers, stitching, and hardware can easily make or break your jacket choice. You need to check that the overall thing is looking classic and flattering. Choosing any wrong type will simply make you look dull and that is no longer appreciated with Alen Cooper.

These 7 key details you need to check in order to buy real leather jacket otherwise you will end up by picking up a wrong one. And you are suggested to follow these even before buying from us. We are not bragging but we will love to share that we have satisfied a lot of customers already and we will love to satisfy you. We have started our journey ten years back. Previously, we were dealing only offline but now we are online too! We have come online due to our increased customers’ demand! Our latest products are available in various popular online portals. Or you can directly buy the best affordable leather jackets from our site. And the best fact is that we offer various types of discounts offers all around the year. You can reach us at any time. We offer customization service too! So, just come with us and explore the real world of leather outerwear in an affordable manner!


Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury”- Coco Chanel

Hello Beautiful! Are you ready for winter fun? Let’s get ready for the fun and excitements. Don’t be a bed lover and spend the winter like a woman with hibernation. The city is glowing and ready for Christmas celebration. And all you need to do is just dress perfect and join the celebration!

Winter is all about fashion, fun, and comfort! We know that it’s too cold outside as well as the celebration. Don’t worry, you can beat the winter with your sensational appearance. And keeping you warm all day is our duty. All you need is just a fur coat to look stunning and stay warm. The best fur coats for women are waiting for you. Alen Cooper crafts the best winter outerwears in the market, what you can match here that you cannot match at anywhere else.

We understand that when the temperature starts to fall when you feel the need to step up and stand out with some seriously stylish outerwear. And that’s why we are here for you with some exciting teddy coat and jacket ideas. So, let’s start-

Teddy crop jacket- the main feature of this type of jacket is that it has a zip through front with a cropped silhouette. Along with this, it has elasticized cuffs and hem. It is ideal casual winter outerwear. People love to carry it for after work drinks and pub dates!

Teddy coat- these fur coats are the perfect blend of fur, shearling, and wool. These are available in deep shaded colors so that the wearer can easily get the attention. Generally, these coats have a double-breasted silhouette with a notched lapel.

Teddy Borg Biker- This style is inspired by motorcycle jackets. Here you can enjoy a contrast buckle at the neck. It is an everyday styling jacket or you can call it on-trend commuting attire. The entire body is of high-quality sheepskin and fur. For the too cold weather, this kind of long (comparatively) borg biker jacket is a great companion.

Leather and fur combination- leather and fur is a great combination. There are a lot of popular outerwear which belongs to this combination. There are a lot of biker jackets with the real fur collar. No doubt this option is great to beat the cold. Apart from these, long fur collar jackets are now trending options and celebrities too like it. Lastly, it can be said that touch of real fur can make your appearance more elegant.

How will you recognize the real fur?

Well, when it comes to buying the real fur outerwear then it is our duty to let you know exactly how real fur behaves. Actually, there are a lot of retailers who sell synthetic alternative in name of real fur. Synthetic alternative such as faux is not a good option as it can provoke the skin rashes and it provides less warmth in comparison with the real fur. There are some ways we can share with you. By applying those ways you can easily recognize your chosen item is of real fur or not. So, let’s start-

It has been noticed that generally, real fur tapers to a thinner point at the end and the faux fur tips are blunt at the end. By noticing this fact closely you can easily recognize the real one.

Generally, faux fur is attached to the woven fabric but when it comes to real fur then the base is of animal skin. Before buying any jacket or coat, you need to push back the fur so that you can notice clearly the root.

Lastly, it comes to the burn test. But you cannot do it in any store. Generally, if you burn the real fur then it will smell like burnt human hair. But burnt faux fur transforms into little balls and smells like typical burnt plastic.

How to connect with a reliable retailer?

In this world of alternatives, getting a real one is difficult! Even finding a genuine retailer is also hard. There are a lot of retailers who sell the duplicate products and there are a few who limit their responsibility just after the product is sold. These retailers do not deserve your time and money at all. Ensuring customer satisfaction is the main motto of any retailer, Alen Cooper believes so!

We always try to build a fair and strong connection with our customers. We do not brag or do not suggest anyone buy our products. We just say some effective shopping facts which can benefit our customers. If our customers find us really reliable then they make the purchase. And hopefully, the number of ‘happy Customers’ is increasing!

There are some ways you need to follow before making a purchase from any retailer both online and offline. Here you need to perform greater research. Firstly, you need to search for the product- its price and places where it is available. After that, you can make a price comparison among all the offline and online places. From the Google local listing or any online portal, you can check the reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings are genuine sources to properly know about the service, product, and retailer. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can directly communicate with the retailer before committing the purchase. These are the proven ways which can help you to get a reliable retailer easily. Every buyer is becoming smart day by day and this is your time to be smart and buy smart.

If Alen Cooper passes all these checking steps successfully then you can deal with us. We have a large collection of winter outerwear and footwear. We have started our journey ten years back. Previously we were dealing only in the offline mode but now we are online too! We have come online due to our customers’ demand. Our products are available in various popular online portals or you can directly buy from our site.

We offer exciting discount offers all around the year. You can order online or directly visit us and enjoy the free trial. A lot of customers have confessed that they like us most because of our customization service. Yes, we can craft according to your exact need. If you do not fit in any previously made item then we can again craft an outerwear only for you. If you have some unique idea in your mind or different size criteria, just feel free to share with us and we will love to serve you.

You can reach us 24/7. There is supportive team to assist all the customers and answer their queries accordingly. Leather, shearling, and fur outerwear are expensive although we try to offer you in a less expensive way. And during the festive season you can enjoy up to 40% discount instantly. So, come with us, commit a purchase, and look stunning in this winter!


Fur, shearling, and leather are the main winter outerwear materials. From the high street markets to shopping malls, everywhere you will get these products in order to warm up your winter. But not all the things are going to fit in your cup. The best level of comfort you can enable from genuine materials. But not all the retailers are there with genuine fur, leather, and shearling outerwear. It has been noticed that a lot of retailers sell synthetic alternatives but when it comes to comfort then a synthetic alternative cannot compete with a genuine one. And that’s why you need to find a retailer who sells genuine winter outerwear in order to properly enjoy the winter fashion.

Shearling, fur, and leather outerwear are a bit pricier. Actually, it is the actual skin of sheep or lamb, one side is suede tanned and another side is attached with the treated coat. In order to ensure the quality of the outerwear, treating needs to be done properly and only the experts can do it properly. Apart from shearling, fur is another great material that can help you stay warm in all the day of winter. If you search all the fashion and style related magazines and portals, then you will understand fur, leather, and shearling hold how much value in the world of beauty and fashion. In order to buy men’s or women’s fur coats, you should first choose a reliable retailer. Alen Cooper is a leading fur, shearling, and leather outerwear, accessories, and footwear destination. It has started its journey in 2006 and since then it has been satisfying a lot of customers all across the world. You can reach Alen Cooper both online and offline.

The main attraction of this destination is that here you will get all the unique styled outerwear of 100% genuine material at the right price. A lot of customers agree that what they can match here that they cannot match at anywhere else. Actually, before launching a new product in the market, it does proper market research and then crafts a latest and unique outerwear or accessory or footwear so that the wearer can easily rule the trend.

How to reach it?

Reaching Alen Cooper is not a hassle anymore. You can visit it both online and offline. In the previous days, it was only an offline destination but now you can explore and buy the best leather, shearling, and leather products online. You can easily add your chosen products to the bag and the entire payment option is highly secured by the advanced technology. The return policy is also simple, in order to return any ordered product just do a mail or inform at the given place in the portals and its own site. After that, you can easily order another from the site, Alen Cooper never stops to satisfy its customers. If you do not want any other product then without making delay, it will return you the amount.

So, when it comes to buying women’s leather blazer or any fur coat, just visit it, proceed a purchase and be the central attention with that outwear/accessory/ footwear!


This is the ultimate and favorite part of winter when we can wear leather jackets. Women get really excited when they realize the winter has arrived and now they can enjoy stylish leather jackets everywhere.  Winter temperatures can vary especially from day and night and then the layer is the utmost key and that’s why these leather jackets come into the game.

There are a lot of popular leather jackets are available both online and offline for women such as fur collar, lapel collar and double-breasted jackets with hood and so many other types. And every woman wishes to try all these at least once in life. Which type is going to suit you the best that you can know from any retailer or you can simply research about the trend online.

And the most amazing fact is that now you can avail great style and comfort with real leather jackets just under $500! From where? From Alen Cooper! Yes, now Alen Cooper is here with exciting real leather jackets under $500. All the styles are unique and crafted by the expert professionals. So, let’s talk about the styles in the below section so that you can easily decide the best ones for you-


Double-breasted leather jacket- You know double-breasted leather jacket has a quite interesting story. Initially, it was known under the name “The Reefer Jacket” and mainly the sailors were the main users of this style. After that, this style took place in army dressing style and then into the sporting world. But at that time, it was not accepted as completely formal office attire but after the 1900s, it started to act like a more formal piece. Nowadays, these jackets are available as casual winter outerwear too. And the best part is that it has now peaked lapel collar style.


Alen Cooper was inspired by the style and crafted the same with imported real leather. With the advanced technology and expert designers’ help, you can enjoy the comfortable fit with a sensational style statement. And maybe that’s why a lot of leather lover visit us first when they need to buy jackets online for women.

Puffer jackets- Puffer jackets have come into the trend to satisfy the personal necessity. In the countries where winter is too cold, there this puffer jacket is a great option to stay warm all day. Eddie Bauer in 1936 first invented this style. Since 1940, this style has become one of the most popular leather jacket styles. And still, it is in the genres.

In Alen Cooper, you will get long puffer jackets with real fur trim collar. We specially craft this long jacket for women so that they can easily rule the trend.


Bomber jackets- From the name, you can guess it is related to war! Generally, the bomber tanks were used during wars. During the Second World War, these bomber jackets become popular. Military men who were directly engaged in war, they mainly used these jackets for adding warmth and protection.


Now, these jackets are available in Alen Cooper. We have a large collection. We have traditional leather jackets as well as V-collar comber with fur trim. Actually, modern people are in search of something unique and that’s why Alen Cooper always tries to craft modern outerwear with a strong stylish appeal.

Motorcycle jackets- Motorcycle leather jackets are in trend since the 1900s. After World War II, it has become among the U.S military. Motorcycles and military men became commonplace. And in order to ride the bikes safely, these jackets took place into the military regime. After some time, common people started to adopt this style in their regular outerwear setting. Women too started to adopt these jackets. Some popular female rock bands first started to wear these motorcycle leather jackets.

At Alen Cooper, you can easily get women’s biker jacket at the right price. We have the huge color and size variation when it comes to offering the best motorcycle winter jackets for women online.

There are a lot of other styles available at Alen Cooper. You can reach us both online and offline. Our products are available at a lot of online shopping portals or you can directly buy from our site. Or you can simply visit our physical stores. We will love to serve you!

Have a great day!


Don’t let your wardrobe suffer from the same regular winter outerwear, make it healthy with Alen Cooper. According to the fashion conscious people wearing the same style for too long is a very dull idea. And we don’t want to see you such! And we think you too will not prefer to see yourself such! So, let’s make your winter fashion outerwear more exciting.

When winter is coming then a leather jacket cannot be far behind! Winter seems incomplete if there is no stylish leather jacket. All over the world, a lot of people are just in love with leather jackets. If you too are planning to buy leather jackets then the following portion will help you a lot.

When it comes to buying the real leather jackets then a lot of contradictions take place. Actually, in this era, getting something real easily is not possible. In order to get something real leather, you have to pour some efforts. And this blog is here to let you pour efforts in the right way-

1.) So you should start with finding the real leather. There are a lot of retailers who sell synthetic alternatives in name of real leather. Synthetic alternatives are not that much good as they do not have warmth capacity and durability just like the real leather.

2.) In order to find the real leather, you should check the label at the first move. If it is real leather then the manufacturer will say it clearly on the label. If the term “manmade” is used then you can easily understand it is a synthetic alternative. If you find no label then that cannot be genuine. All the genuine products come with a legal label and purchasing without any label is not a smart act.

3.) Real leather has a typical smell. All the leather products have that and that cannot be properly covered by using any chemical. And the synthetic alternatives do not have that kind of smell. So, you can recognize the real leather from the smell easily.

4.) High-qualityleather texture seems smooth and the wearer feels the adding comfort. If the jacket feels too smooth or feels like plastic then you can be sure that it is not the real one. Along with this, real leather does not have smooth edges. Generally, the synthetic alternatives have the smooth edge. So, before selecting a jacket or any outerwear you should check the edges. If the edges are rough then you can easily buy the product without any doubt.

5.) Finally, check the leather pores if it seems inconsistent then it is real, on the contrary, manufactured leather has a consistent texture. So, now with these ways, you can easily pick up the perfect one for you. You should keep a fact in your concern and that is real leather is expensive and the synthetic alternatives are available at a very lower price range.

Hope these ways will help you to recognize the real leather products easily. But from where you will buy! Actually, nowadays, we remain too busy for all the day and can hardly manage a day in the weekend to relax. If you spent that relax day in finding the best retailer of the city then how and when you will relax? Well, stay relax, we are here to let you get the real products. There are so many retailers then why you will choose us- probably this question is popping into your mind. Let’s clear your confusion in the below section-

real leather products

First of all, we want to mention that we are not bragging and we do not like that. Here we are simply pointing out our specialties which have impressed our customers. So, let’s start-

A) You can reach us both online and offline. Previously we were dealing offline but now we are online too. Actually, a lot of customers have asked us to come online so that they buy our products without wasting their time. And we are really happy that they are purchasing online. If you are in our local area then you can easily visit our physical store. Here you can explore a large variety. We have comfortable trial benefit.

B) If you have some unique idea about your outerwear and want to craft it then we can help you too. We offer customized leather outerwear’s too. In order to craft this type of outerwear, we take maximum three weeks.

C) We import fine leather from the foreign countries and offer the Italian leather finish style. We never compromise with the quality of the leather. We always offer the high quality gents’ and ladies leather jackets for winter.

D) We have expert manufacturing teams and expert professional fashion designers. They craft the market-best product with the support of advanced technology. All the products are properly stitched.

E) You can enjoy our products for a longer time of span. From our product care blog you can easily know the ways to care our products. For leather regeneration you can directly contact us.\

F) We have completely free shipping setting. You don’t have pay the shipping charge. But in the case of return, you have to pay the shipping charge. We will happily change your ordered product. We have a wide collection, you can match here any style and any size. We offer proper size guide so that you can easily know your exact size and order the perfect one for you.

G) We have secured payment option. If you deal with us online then we will offer you the securest platform to make the payment. In order to make payment you can do net banking or can use any kinds of cards. We do not share our customers’ personal data to any third party authority unnecessarily.

H) We offer stunning discounts on all the occasions. From Black Friday to Christmas, you can enjoy excellent off on every product.

These are our main specialties which have impressed a lot of customers till the date. If you want more from us then please let us know. We will be happy to know the queries of our potential customers. We know customer satisfaction is the best thing to gain customer loyalty.

So, stay tuned with us, get more exciting leather outerwear at the best price and easily be the central attention at anywhere!


Leather never goes out of style and that’s why a lot of people are just gaga about the leather outerwear. There are a lot of offline and online destinations from where you can avail the quality leather products. Actually, leather products are bit pricier but really worth the value. It has been noticed that a lot of people say leather is too pricey. But if you avail a leather outerwear then you don’t have to buy the same product again in next seven to ten years as real leather products come with the greater lifespan. In other words, it can be said that if you invest in leather products in 2018 then you don’t have to invest in the same product up to 2028! Isn’t that amazing?

It is really an amazing fact. But you can be amazed only when the leather is 100% genuine otherwise you will miss the soothing feeling of real leather. There are a lot of retailers who sell alternative leather products in name of real leather. And that’s why you need to be more careful before making a leather product purchase. Actually, shopping is an art and that you need to do with great perfection. In order to be a perfectionist, you just need to keep some facts in your concern and soon you will realize how much smart buyer you have become with the help of these tips. So, let’s have a glance at those effective tips-

Some effective tips to buy the best leather jacket-

Reliable retailer- The first and most effective tip is about finding the best and reliable retailer. Actually, there are a lot of retailers out there with high-quality product claim but not all are able to provide the best products and services. And that’s why you need to be a bit more careful before selecting a retailer. In order to get the best retailer, you can do some research online such as check the online reviews and ratings, check the price and compare with others, try to check the used materials, warranty, guaranty, return policy and mode of payment. If all these seem satisfying to you then you can make a purchase from that retailer without feeling reluctant.

Perfect fit- Before buying anything make sure you are completely aware of your size. You will look best only when you will wear the right size. There are a lot of people pick the wrong size and end up by blaming the manufacturer or the brand!

If you go with Alen Cooper then you will get the complete size chart from where you can make sure which the best choice is for you. All the products of Alen Cooper come with proper size chart so that buyers can enjoy the perfect fit.

Color- when it comes to leather products then we only think about the regular tan and black color. But there should be no limitation as people love to wear all the colors according to their mood. And that’s why Alen Cooper has brought a lot of color variations. Here you can enjoy all the colors with the perfect fit. A lot of people have liked Alen Cooper simply due to its unique approach and wide variations and those can surely satisfy you.

Exact sleeve length- sleeve length matters to make you look more attractive. If your chosen leather jacket’ sleeves are ending much before the wrist line then it is not the perfect option for you, exceeding the wrist line is not also acceptable. In Alen Cooper, you will get the complete size chart from where you can automatically understand which the perfect option for you is. A leather jacket with standard sleeve length makes you look simple yet elegant.

Take a trial- if you visit any shop physically then you will get the trial room to check the chosen option is nice for you or not. But when it comes to online shopping then probably there is no trial option apparently. And that’s why you need to become more careful in order to select the right product. But Alen Cooper offers easy return benefit so that you can make stay satisfied always. If you have bought a product online and if it is not offering you the perfect fit then you can easily return it. In this case, you have to spend the shipping charge. And then you can order another which seems perfect for you.

Pick the trendy ones- leather is always in style. But the design which has ruled 1990 cannot rule 2018. And that’s why you need to do some market research to know the latest trends. When it comes to Alen Cooper then get sure here you will get the latest and stylish product at the right price. Actually, Alen Cooper does the required market research so that it can best satisfy its customers with the best and latest collection.

So, if you are planning to buy the best quality leather jacket then simply keep these facts in your concern and make a quality leather outerwear purchase. For any other query, you can take a look at our FAQ section or simply connect with us through our given mail id.

Thank you


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” and you can avail the best and trendy style statement with leather. The world is changing and people are getting aware of what they buy. And this blog is here to let you get the best outerwear experience.

There are lots of brands with different kinds of outerwear choices. But if you are in a cold weather then nothing can beat the benefit of leather. Actually, there is no viable alternative with the same comfort and style.

It is noticed that a question takes place when it comes to leather usages and that is using animals is really a sign of environmental care! Now it can be said that this world is about balance and that’s why animal use has become an integral part of many people’s lives. In order to have a life, we have to manage foods, clothes, living places, and education. But we need to make sure the way of arranging all these is comparatively harmless. And that’s why a lot of modern people are leading towards the sustainable fashion products.

When it comes to sustainable fashion clothing then it should start with leather,as it is long lasting and biodegradable. During the processing, Alen Cooper uses very mild chemical so that the environment cannot get harmed and the customers can easily enjoy the leather wearing. Using too much harsh chemical can invoke skin rashes. And that’s why we use the mild so that our customers do not face any kind of interruptions with our products. Here, we always use the best raw materials and engage the expert employees so that you can easily avail a product with the high-quality and great longevity.

So, let’s explore all the exciting reasons to wear leather-

No better alternatives

Yes, it is completely true that there is no better synthetic alternative which biodegrades better than leather. Along with this, it is also noticed that when the synthetic alternatives have biodegraded it leaves behind some plastic particles in the soil which harmfully pollute the environment. And those particles are entered in our bodies through the sea foods. For the sake of the environment and to avail a long-lasting fashion product you will not find a better alternative than leather. So, without any doubt this time try the best leather jackets clothing from Alen Cooper.

Great sustainability

Most of the synthetic alternatives are made of by petroleum by products and it is not a renewable source. There are a lot of other issues which is making the petroleum alternative more prone to get refused! But when it comes to sheepskin then it is completely renewable and comes with a longer lifespan. And that’s why most of the fashion clothing corporate prefers to avail leather more than any other synthetic alternative. Over the decades, leather has been one of the most preferred clothing materials due to its sustainability, longevity and classy look. Especially, people, who live in the cold weather they can best feel the necessity of leather. To stay warm or to deal with outer cold, people don’t need to wear lots of clothes as a leather or shearling overcoat is a fine and comfortable option.

Alen Cooper


How can leather be environment-friendly? Probably this question must be popping into your mind. At Alen Cooper, all the used chemicals are mild and do not harm the environment. Along with this, the leather, fur or shearling are biodegradable and come with a great longevity. And as compared to synthetic alternatives which loose the charm just in one season whereas a pure leather clothing or accessory has near about 20-30 years of lifespan.

The safest clothing option

This is another great reason for which a lot of people all across the world are getting gaga for leather. Actually, there is no available alternative till the date which is more safe than leather. According to the dermatologists, synthetic alternatives can cause skin rashes, bumps, and other interruptions. The list does not end here as due to these synthetic alternatives, health issues like infertility, respiratory diseases or even cancer can take place. And that’s why leather is the safest option for the fashion clothing.

Choose the best manufacturer

Well, after the discussion if you are planning to avail some leather clothing and accessories then Alen Cooper can be a great source. Why? Here is the explanation. First of all, it sources all the fine quality leathers from Italy and gets all Leathers processed there with all state of art Machinery and Technology. These fine leathers are sent overseas for Cut & Sew. Here it has its own updated manufacturing setting with proper technological support and expert employees to make the best quality trendy leather products without compromising the quality. There are efficient designers to let you get experience a great outerwear sensation.

So, just visit the physical stores or explore the latest collection through the website. You will get the best quality and trendy-designed clothing at the reasonable price. All the products really worth the price and soon you too will realize that.

So buy the best one and win the trend!


It is earlier mentioned that leather is in trend over the decades and will remain always. Actually, the great fact about leather is that it is one of the most durable clothing. And that’s why a lot of people prefer to invest in leather fashion clothes. A single leather jacket or shirt can be the leading in the trending list for more than three years. Actually, leather does not go out of the fashion. If you want to grab all the latest leather collection then Alen Cooper can be a great choice for you. A leather apparel looks all new even after couple of years after the purchase. So, now you can realize how leather can be a cost-effective fashion clothing option for you.


Winter seems incomplete if you don’t have any leather jacket in your wardrobe! Every year winter comes with a wider variety of outerwear collection. But not all the things are going to fit in your cup! There are some common mistakes people do when they need to buy any leather winter wear. This blog is about those common mistakes and how to rectify those with Alen Cooper.

No doubt that purchasing leather jackets is a smart investment which ensures years of use and style. Instead of wearing too many clothes to stay warm, just wear a perfect leather jacket and get a sensational cool look. But you need to make sure that your chosen retailer is able to offer you the best products of the market. From the below points, get the idea why Alen Cooper is the best option for you-

A wide range of color Often it is noticed that a lot of leather and fur garment retailers are unable to offer you the wide range of color variations. And buyers need to adjust with the regular colors. But when it comes to Alen Cooper then you can easily enjoy a lot of color options along with the regular black and tan colored jacket. Here you will get all the trending colors and the buyers never go wrong buying any color at Alen Cooper.


Unique style- People get easily bored with the regular design of leather and fur garments at every winter. But this time, you won’t be bored as Alen Cooper is here for you with unique and stylish leather, fur and shearling outerwear. Its own manufacturing setting with expert professionals is there to let you experience the uniqueness easily.

Added quality- It is not that Alen Cooper only offers the best quality leather, fur, and shearling but also makes the entire outerwear more glamorous by adding zippers, buttons, Thinsulate, rivets, and lining. From making the leather wear-worthy to stitching for a good fit, everything here does with great care and expertise. Every little added accessory is chosen from the market separately to let the buyers get the best products at Alen Cooper. Whether it is zipper or leather, everything gets equal importance to ensure the quality.

Different size variations- This is another important reason for which people prefer to buy the leather and fur garment at Alen Cooper. Alen Cooper does not compromise with limited size options. Here you will get garments of every size without compromising the color and style factors. We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we make it sure, we are able to serve maximum people. All the products have size variations and you can easily pick the flexible one.

Different size variations

Trending options- What had ruled the trend ten years earlier that cannot rule now. And that’s why people always do experiment with the outerwear. And the best fact is that Alen Cooper can create the trend easily as it does proper market research before launching any new product on the market. With the proper market research, it best understands what is going to rule in the coming season and manufactures accordingly.

Reliable approach- It has been observed that a lot of people have confessed that their investments in leather and furs have gone wrong simply because of an unreliable retailer. And that’s why you are suggested to always buy the products from a brand or a reliable manufacturer who is deep-rooted in this field of business. Alen Cooper is just like a brand with great manufacturing knowledge and support for the right quality with years of experience behind them.

Secure payment and shipping- Alen Cooper prefers to make fair business and that’s why its all approaches are transparent. You can easily purchase a product from Alen Cooper online and offline. All the payment options are highly secured with great security support. It has enabled advanced technologies to let its customers enjoy a more secure way of shopping.

If you are not able to visit Alen Cooper stores physically then just explore the wide collection and grab the best ones. Your purchased product will be shipped at your door with proper care within a very short span of time.

Fair terms and conditions- It is noticed that many online buyers complain that the e-commerce sites have fooled them with the tricky t&c. But Alen Cooper never does that as it fully believes in fair business. There are no hidden charges or conditions for which you need to be puzzled later. Here you will get contradiction free payment options, genuine discounts and fair purchasing policy and these really ensure a great shopping experience.

These are the 8 trending factors for which you should try Alen Cooper in this season. Whatever the style statement is Alen Cooper will satisfy you at the best level.

So, come and rule the trend with Alen Cooper!


Shearling is no more limited to cowboy attire. Now it has paved a great place in the winter fashion. During 70’s shearling was mainly used to craft the cowboy attire but now it has made a comeback with great style. But there is a fact and that is if the shearling outerwear is not designed properly then the wearer will end up by looking like a piece of insulation instead of a finely dressed man. And that’s why before making a shearling product purchase you should make sure it is of genuine quality otherwise your investment will go in vain.

But it is not that all the products which are available in the market in name of shearling are real. Actually, there are a lot of retailers who sell duplicate products in name of real leather, shearling, and fur. And that’s why you need to be a bit more careful so that you can buy the best shearling jacket easily.

There are some ways through which you can easily avail the real shearling jackets for men, let’s explore those-

Pick the right piece- when it comes to buying shearling products then be sure it is an expensive investment. Generally, shearling doesn’t come cheap. If any retailer offers you a very cheap shearling jacket then be sure it is not the real shearling. Actually, the processing and manufacturing procedures are costly and that’s why offering cheap products is not possible for any manufacturer if he/she wants to do business and profit.

Choose the right type- it has been noticed that there are a lot of shearling jackets out there. But not all the options are comfortable for all the season. Generally, those jackets are fully lined with shearling or placed along the collar. The first type is good for the too cold weather as it keeps the wearer too much warm. Actually, too warmth is not comfortable for the autumn season. That second type is a good option for the autumn season. In the second type of jacket, there are designs with contrast detailing, shearling is mainly accentuated along the outer side of the jacket. And this type will not keep you too much warm but will enable a cool look of you.

Care the shearling best- Availing an outerwear doesn’t mean just buying the outerwear instead of money. In order to avail and enjoy the product for a longer time of span, you have to care it properly. No doubt purchasing a shearling jacket is an expensive investment. And you cannot let your investment go in vain. Mainly, watermark or spot is a very common problem to the shearling products but you can easily make the entire jacket waterproof by using the right silicone spray. After that, you need to dry the jacket but do not use the dryer. For proper cleaning and maintenance, a professional can help you out the best.

Choose the best retailer- yes, you have to choose the best retailer in the city. In the previous potion, it is mentioned that not all the products are genuine mainly which you can avail cheaply. Shearling is an expensive investment. In order to choose the best retailer in the town, you can take help from your friends or any known one who has recently bought any shearling outerwear or has some experience with this type of product. Apart from this, you can search the best retailer of the city online with the help of search engines.

From the reviews and ratings, you will get a clear idea about the quality of the product and service of the retailer. Nowadays, most of the people use online shopping portals to buy any stylish jackets and do some research so that they can buy the best products of the market.

A reliable shearling destination in the USA

If you are in search of the best shearling jackets for men in this autumn then Alen Cooper can help you out here the best. It is a leading shearling, leather and fur outerwear destination. It is in the genre since 2006 and each day it is simply enriching the fashion industry. Here you will get the best products at the right prices. All the payment options are secure so that customers can enjoy a happy deal with us. You can directly purchase from our site or from any online portal. Your purchased product will be at your place just within two to three weeks and we have an easy return policy if in case you do not like the product that much.

Lastly, it can be said that in this season, men’s fashion has revived shearling once again in order to keep the men warm! From the magazine covers to in any online fashion blog, you will notice the strong presence of shearling especially when it comes to men’s latest fashion. So, buy the best product and rule the trend easily.

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