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Frostbite on the face and body is not a cool thing it can injure you and make you fall sick. Winter and frostbite are just commonplace in some colder countries where during the winter time, nature looks all white. White snow is all around may seem good to you but it is not that much beautiful if you have to step out of the home and perform some mandatory tasks on a regular basis. Sometimes there is speedy snow hail and the snow is wet, it can make you instantly wet and you will feel tremendous cold. To deal with this kind of winter situation, the parka has been around for years as a savior. Among all the winter leather outerwear, parka jackets have the top place in people’s wish list.


Leather parka jacket has all the fine benefits that you expect from real leather outerwear. The same level of warmth and comfort you will get with a parka jacket. But the added benefit is that it will not let wet snow make you wet! Its synthetic or polyester outer side do not let water pass inside and make the wearer wet even after spending some time in the midst of snow. You will notice that people who play some snow games they prefer to wear parka jackets so that they can enjoy the snow, avoid the cold without feeling cold and getting wet.

 [/caption]Alen Cooper also offers amazing parka jackets for both men and women. We know that it is cold outside and sometimes year misses the summer- heartbreaking yet it is true. And that’s why we need to arrange all types of outerwears that our customers need in all the seasons.


Specialties of leather parka jackets of Alen Cooper


Available in various sizes
Lightweight yet warm
Full sleeve
Properly water resistant
Various designs and colors
You can carry it anywhere
New fur collar and hood additions
Protective as moto jackets

These are the main benefits that you can expect from a parka jacket. We have both parka coat and jackets for you. Women’s fur parka coat is a trending option nowadays and presently that is available in our store. If you want to buy, meet us physically at Green Acres mall or you can simply browse our website. Here you will get a world of modern collection. Actually, we let our customers create their own style statement and that’s why we always try to enable new collection at every new season. With us, you will enjoy the sound discount too! Generally, we offer coupon codes to offer our customers some exclusive discounts. In order to get the coupon codes, you should browse our website regularly or you can do subscribe to us and we will let you know about our discount and new arrival updates. We also offer customization service, if you have some specific design or changes or want a piece exact your size- you can contact us and within two to three weeks you will get your desired item.



Fur is not for the only winter! Now it is spring’s cup of tea too! You know that two centuries ago, the world had already experienced a year without summer. At that time, May-June did not get the required warmth and it was below freezing near about all the day in May in England and Europe. Actually, the weather is unpredictable and hardly follows any rule. It is just like a teenage girl who loves to be herself completely.

You too can be yourself without any worry. Neither weather nor outerwear will stop you if you take some smart steps while choosing the best winter to spring outerwear. In the countries where winter is too cold and snow is everywhere there, you cannot depend on flimsy winter wears. You need to choose the best one which is comfortable and enough protective. We know that real fur is a great choice but we do not try fur in spring yet there is cold. We miss a lot of elegance in the spring!

There are a lot of ways to wear real fur in spring especially when the temperature is near ten degrees. Cold, cough, and fever are so common in the springtime and these mainly happen when we do not wear the right cloth and take the right food. After too cold winter, in the spring the temperature may get high but that does not indicate to leave the house without any outerwear. You know that there are various kinds of outerwears available in the market which are light, comfortable, elegant and just perfect less cold spring days.

The very first option is a cropped jacket. This can be of both leather and fur. Along with it, there are similar Eskimo style rabbit fur jackets- you can wear it both buttoned and unbuttoned according to the cold.

If you want no jacket or coat at all yet you need some warmth in the shoulder area, you can wear detachable fur collar by matching your outfit. It will give you a unique as well as very stylish look. There are various color real fur collars are available in our site. This fur is impressively soft and incredibly warm.

Or you can take a long fur collar and wrap it like a scarf. A lot of celebrities do this simple addition in their outfit and appear more sensational than ever.

You know that real fur has amazing insulation power and that’s why you can easily wear at any time. Generally, when people go with a faux or woolen option, they feel burning like the sensation when they enter in a less cold place from a too cold place. But with fur, you will not face this kind of situation due to its insulation capacity.

For an elegant yet dramatic appeal, nothing can beat the charm of real fur outerwear. In order to get the latest winter outerwear at the right price, you can browse our site or can directly visit us.


The world is in love with real fur! No matter how many controversies are there but people will choose to wear fur again and again. Apart from the elegance and high-style value, there are some more virtues of real fur that people cannot compromise at all. Your health is absolutely your responsibility, no other one can keep you as well as you own can. When it is winter there must be some celebrations, parties and you should enjoy all those at the highest peak. You can enjoy at your heart only when you are comfortable and have great health.


Probably you are thinking why Alen Cooper is saying about health instead of its outerwear! There’s must be reasons!  Cold, flue, skin allergies, asthma, and fever are very common diseases during the winter season. And here your clothing plays a great role. You know that during the starting of the 2000s, synthetic alternative winter outerwear became too much popular due to its easy availability and inexpensiveness. A large number of people started to pick these products instead of real fur. But they have left those products forever due to some bad experiences such as skin allergies, suffocation, etc. Skin allergies, rashes, and bumps are very common when one wears faux or any other synthetic alternative for a long period. These alternatives do not have any breathing property and that’s why the wearer feels the suffocation. Ultimately you commit harm to your health.


All these problems can easily be avoided with real fur outerwear. In the below section, we are going to discuss the health benefits of real fur. So, let’s start-


1.) First of all, incredible warmth is the main benefit that you are going to enjoy with a real fur coat. No other alternative product can offer you the same level of warmth. During the too cold winter days when everywhere is shaded with white snow, you feel too cold and to protect yourself you need warm clothes. But you cannot wrap yourself randomly or there is no need for wrapping randomly at all. All you need to do is just wear a real fur coat and stay warm all day.


2.) You can wear a fur coat for hours without feeling suffocated. It is natural and has breathing properties. It will not make you sweaty or does not cause any dryness to your skin.


3.) Real fur jackets do not cause any skin rashes and you can even wear just over your bare skin which is simply impossible with the alternative options.


4.) Real fur has amazing insulation power. In other words, it can be said that after returning from a colder place, you will not feel any burning sensation inside. Real fur is comfortable in all the temperatures. So, when there is no uncomfortable feeling, you will automatically feel healthier and happier.


5.) Toddlers and children also can wear real fur coat with hood without any problem. Often mothers worry about their children’s winter outerwear such as their chosen item will be right or not, sufficient warm or not and so on. But with this option, you can stay relax as it can keep your child warm, comfortable, and healthy easily.


These are main five benefits rather reasons to choose real fur outerwear over any other option this fall. You should always remember a fact and that is a healthy person can conquer the world and a healthy person has a healthy clothing habit.


To explore real fur collection, browse us!



From the belief of “contagious magic” to rich fashion statement- fur has passed a long way and will march for future decades. It belongs to that classic clothing material which has stood strongly the test of time. So many fashion changes are there but nothing can affect the effectiveness of real fur. In other words, it can be said that people never stop loving real fur. Previously, the fondness was inspired by contagious magic and distinctive social recognition but slowly and fortunately people started to prefer wearing real fur simply for its incredible warmth and high style value.


What is this “contagious magic”?


Previously it was believed that if one person wears an animal pelt or skin, he or she will get some special connection to that animal. Mainly, the hunters used to believe in this magic. In other words, it can be said that if one wears the fur of a cheetah, he or she will get the intelligence and speed of a cheetah. And the intelligence and speed will guide them through their entire life.


The journey of real fur in 4 stages


It may sound ridiculous now but it was actually strong believed at that time. As centuries rolled on, fur got a new type of praise. People started to wear real fur to show their high social status instead of getting a special connection to any animal (contagious magic). It has been noticed that in ancient Egypt, only high priests and kings were allowed to animal fur. High priests prefer to real fur outerwear during ceremonial events in order to show their high place in the society and the importance of fur.


During 11thcentury, noble and rich persons used to wear fine fur outerwear and they wanted to use it as a distinctive feature of high-class people. They wanted to show a difference among low class and high-class people through fur outerwear. But after a time, lower class husbands started to place mortgages on their homes just to give their wives real fur coats and other outerwear. Higher class people were very eager to include laws in the social system so that lower class people cannot buy the best fur such as vair or ermine. Actually, they were in need of some distinctive feature which sets apart two social classes easily. After that, the lower class people wear allowed to wear the fur of otter, fox, and small rodents.


During the starting of the 1500s, the scenario started to change greatly. In North America, this item got too much popular and started to trade realfur coats and jackets between the Indians and Europeans. In The 1800s, the high demand for real fur resulted in a massive decline of the animal population. And after that, the craze went down for a while and silk became the most wanted item at that time.


In the starting of the 1900s, the technological improvements in all the fields also have influenced the fur trade. With the technological support and better trade strategy, producing lighter, shinier and silkier fur garments were possible. And it has just boosted the fur demand once again. Yelena Yelmarkinvented a unique way to create fur outerwear in leopard skin pattern and that just went viral. In that time, mink fur was highly expensive and red fox fur was comparatively less expensive. During the end of The 1900s and starting 2000s, many fashion experts have enriched this genre with their unique creations. Probably there is no fashion expert or Hollywood celeb, whose winter wardrobe has no real fur item. Maybe there are too many ethical dilemmas though people choose to wear real fur.


Modern perspective towards fur outerwear


There are too many ethical dilemmas. But it is time to think from a different perspective. There will be winter and you can’t do anything about that. All you can do is you can wear cold protective clothes to beat the cold. But it does not mean you can wear anything or dress in a haphazard manner. You have to wear the right thing to match both the fashion and trend. There is nothing warmer than real fur and it has high style value. And that’s why people prefer this option than any other for centuries. But you find yourself with reluctant due to the ethical dilemmas.


Now imagine there is no real fur outerwear. And all you have is a synthetic alternative to protect yourself from too cold. In order to produce a synthetic alternative, a lot of chemicals get used. And you know that harsh chemicals and its processing method directly affect the environment and contribute to global warming. Apart from these, often these chemicals cause a lot of skin diseases. And that’s why dermatologists suggest avoiding synthetic alternative winter wears.


But with real fur, you will not face these kinds of the problem- no environmental pollution, and no skin diseases! Real fur outerwear can accompany you for decades whereas alternative products run for only one to two years.




Lastly, it can be said that from the “contagious magic” belief to high fashion sense- you will find real fur in everywhere. It has become one of the integral parts of modern human life. Incredible warmth, healthy insulation, high fashion value, and comfort- all you will get with fur outerwear. If you are already aware of these benefits previously, you must in search of some best destination to shop the best one for you. Instead of constantly hitting the search engine with “fur coats near me”, this time have a try with us and you won’t be disappointed.


We have huge real fur outerwear (Chinchilla, Mink, Rex-Rabbit, Raccoon, and Fox) collection. You can visit us both online and offline. We offer an amazing discount and other offers throughout the year, just visit us!


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Nothing can beat the elegance and warmth of real fur coat. If you are thinking the same as most of the people that why to invest in expensive fur outerwear when there is faux alternative and both are looking nearly the same! We will suggest you get a deeper look and you will definitely find some serious differences between real fur and alternative products. A real option is breathable, fashionable, and warm and made from renewable sources. If you take the real products in the right way, you can enjoy it for a really long time.


An elegant appearance


There are a lot of people who go for fur coats simply because they love the way real fur looks. A single piece easily evokes the images of Hollywood’s hay day- all the stars used to walk through red carpet wrapped in stylish fur! If you need the most glamorous option, you cannot simply ignore the charm of real fur. It has a lustrous as well as the fashionable look that any alternative product cannot match. With any synthetic alternative, you will not enjoy the same softness, shine, and flow.


A luxurious texture


If you are staring at a mink fur coat and cannot recognize it is real or not, just feel it. A real mink fur coat is amazingly soft and that softness you will not get with any other synthetic option. Generally, faux fur is coarse and its texture resembles cotton more in comparison with real fur. Real fur easily lays smooth and sleek across the outerwear. In humid weather, you will feel the same with the real option but synthetic options feel sticky to touch.


Incredible warmth


Some expensive faux fur coat may seem similar to real fur coats but when it comes to the warmth factor they fail instantly. Even in minus temperature, fur can keep the wearer warm but that faux fur coat simply cannot. Real fur has amazing insulation capacity and that’s temperature changes does not affect the wearer. But faux fur outerwear can give you burning sensation if you move from a too cold place to comparatively less cold place.




Comfort depends on breathability! Real fur will keep you warm yet it breaths.  With other synthetic alternatives, your skin may get dry and you can feel uncomfortable by wearing a fur outerwear jacket for a long time. But real fur has amazing breathable properties and that’s why there is no chance of overheat, any burn like sensational or sweat.


These are the four main benefits that will keep you relying on real fur instead of any synthetic alternative. Shopping real fur outerwear for adults or children is really a hard job as the market is getting filled with the synthetic alternatives and low-quality products.


In order to buy the best fur outerwear for both men and women, you can come to us. We are in this domain over the years. We have a wide collection of real fur, leather, and shearling jackets, coats, vests, collars, and so many other winter wear items. All the products have passed the quality checks and generally, they have a long lifespan if you care properly. Apart from these, we offer exciting offers and discounts all around the year. You can subscribe us to get the latest updates and newsletters. Now we have one-day shipment process so that our customers can get their ordered items within three to five business days. No matter where you are- we will reach our product to you.



“Life isn’t perfect but your leather jacket can be”

Yes, so many up and downs we have in our life although we girls conquer like a queen. But we find ourselves in a great dilemma when it comes to picking the best one from the trend. You know that leather is classy as well as elegant choice always. But which models are ruling the trend knowing that is little bit tricky but now you can know that with Alen Cooper. Today, I am going to share the top ten real leather jackets for women here. So, ladies, take your snacks and drink, find a comfortable corner, sit and let’s start the discussion-

The very first style, I am going to talk about is Mid-length puffy leather jacket with detachable raccoon fur collar in grey. It belongs to Alen Cooper’s latest collection. If you want a completely classy as well as stylish appearance, you must go for this model. This model is unique in color as well as in style. The real raccoon fur collar, long sleeves, asymmetrical zipper closure- all in one alignment make it super attractive in this fall. It has a parallel quilt all over the body and it ensures cold, wind and injury protection. There are a lot of size variations so that maximum women can enjoy its elegant charm. You can wear it during the day time and it’s also perfect for the afternoon to evening dates. This is the very first style that Alen Cooper is suggesting you stay warm without losing the style value a bit in this fall in Germany.

This is the second leather jacket belongs to Alen Cooper’s latest winter collection that you can wear this fall. If you are a woman and prefer to ride a bike or like that sturdy biker look, this is the perfect choice for you. You can wear it during the springtime too. Its double-breasted style, moto appeal, long sleeves, and asymmetrical zipper closure are there to offer you an attractive appeal. Day time long drive to late night party with friends- you can carry it everywhere. You can pair with slim fit denim or any tight pant in black and rock the trend!

If you are a woman who prefers to create her own style statement, it is the perfect outerwear that you can experiment with in this winter. You know that fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. Fur collar jackets and overcoats with long collar are common but a mid-length jacket with mid-length fur collar probably the unique one of the season that you can hardly match at anywhere else! To create your own style regime and to look out of the box, this is a perfect choice. It does not only offer an extreme style value but also keeps the wearer warm even in the minus temperature. The texture is impressively smooth and easy to carry for a longer time of span, the sleeves are long enough and there is front zipper closure to secure the fit. You may get it in other colors and sizes too.

This is the best thing that you can try in this winter. It is a completely unique real leather outerwear. You may have seen the normal front or asymmetrical zipper closure. But this one is completely different as it has an Italic zipper closure and if you keep the zipper open, you will completely enjoy a different style. During the open zipped time, you will get a front open look yet the nicked area will be covered. Isn’t that amazing?

Along with this, soft and smooth texture, long quilted sleeves and perfect fit will be there as mandatory attributes.

If you are in search of the latest stylish ladies leather biker jacket in Germany, it is the perfect pick for you. Till date, you are familiar with the plan textured double-breasted jackets but this one slightly unique in manner. It has metal studded all over the body and creating a rock punk look. During the late 1900s, some female rock stars have enabled this type of jackets and still those jackets have high fashion value. Afternoon date to late night party- you can carry it everywhere. Adding warm, adding injury protection and adding style-value- all you will get in this single jacket.

These are the top five ladies leather jacket that you can enjoy this fall even in Germany. We are ready to make your winter more sensational as well as enjoyable with our latest collection. There are yet so many unturned stones to turn, just visit our site and explore our new arrival. Now we are offering to ship within 24 hours. Along with these, we have an easy and complication-free return policy.

So, come, explore, and grab the best deal of the day!


The leather is a durable material, it still needs some care. Leather jackets are easy to clean and you can get the shiny effect back just after a few scrubs. Even if there is some mud in your jacket though you can clean it easily than any other type of cloth. It can bear thorns and twigs whereas the same can rip other clothes. There are countless benefits that you can enjoy with a real leather jacket. But to ensure that for a long period you need to care the outerwear properly. We all know where to buy the best jackets and coats, how to fix which model with our outfit but most of us still unaware of the right techniques of leather care.

If there is any strong stain on the jacket or you are completely amateur, you should take the help from a professional at the first move than applying your own DIY techniques. Or you can follow our instructions. But there are some general yet effective techniques that all the leather outerwear users are suggested to follow.

Today Alen Cooper will share some leather care tips with you so that you can enjoy our products for a longer time of span-

If your outerwear come in contact with any salt deposit or if there is any stain you should remove that as soon as possible. You can use damp cotton clothes to remove the stain. After that, you can apply a stain protector to save the product from the future water spots and other stains. If you want you can spray odor and colorless aerosol to prevent any kind of damage.
To clear the stains when you are using damp cotton cloth, try to use lukewarm water. All you need to do is just take a cotton piece, dip in into lukewarm water and then rub in on the stain. You need to make it sure that the entire procedure is gentle from start to finish.
After washing the leather jacket or coat, you need to dry it. You can use e damp sponge or simply hang it inside the room, direct sun exposure is not good for leather’s health. You need to strictly avoid blow dryers, heat vents and other heat sources. If you find that your jacket becomes dry or there are some wrinkles on the jacket, you can condition it.

You cannot just fold the jacket and place it inside the closet. If you do, you will ruin the shape of the jacket and there will be a lot of wrinkles on the texture. There are long and padded hangers to hang leather jackets properly. And your closet needs to be spacious so that your outerwear can get enough places to hang properly.
If it is possible you should place the jacket in a breathable bag. Using a plastic bag can damage the quality of the outerwear.
Too much humidity, sunray, or too dry place is not good for leather. Along with these, you should not use any regular household cleanser. You can only use the suggested products by the manufacturer.

Real leather jackets for men and women are e really expensive and true match to create a sensational style statement. You know that real leather products are expensive but their durability satisfy your investment.

These are some basic rules that you need to include in your maintenance regime. If you care properly a jacket from us can accompany you for years (even from generation to the next generation).

Hope you have found this blog helpful!


 “To appreciate the beauty of snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold”- Aristotle

It is winter and snowing outside. You are feeling romantic inside. But it makes you feel really disgusting if you need to stay home all the time. You have office works, shopping, meeting your friends and so many other jobs outside. Just because of the cold and snow you cannot stay at home for the entire winter. But according to a lot of people, they fall sick in the winter time. If you can relate that problem then it is the time to avail some cold protection outerwear for you. There is no reason to stay at home and feel bored just because of the colder outside.

When it comes to perfect winter outerwear to beat the minus temperature, nothing can beat the effectiveness of real fur. There are too many dilemmas, you may have heard about real fur. But it can be said that real fur is much better than synthetic alternatives. Real fur does not contribute to global warming and environmental pollution at all.

Real fur has been helping humans since the Stone Age and still, it is in use. It is great to combat the too cold weather. In the countries where winter is too cold there, real fur coats and jackets are in high demand. If you are a fashion conscious person then you must follow the fashion blogs and magazines and there you will notice winter cover pages are just incomplete without the fur outerwear. In the Victorian era, real fur was accepted as the sign of class and elegance and only the high-class people used to wear these fur coats and accessories. The female fashion world is tending towards the real fur outerwear and accessories in comparison with the men.

In the starting of 20s, the market was getting filled with synthetic alternatives. Due to the low price and easy availability, a lot of men and women started to wear those alternatives. But just after one to two years they found that their outerwears are of no use. Torn, faded color and damaged shape are the main drawbacks there. And as a result, they need to invest in winter outerwear again. And even the synthetic alternative cannot match the incredible warmth level of the real fur. Along with these problems, alternatives come with skin rashes, bumps, allergies and itching, if you were them for a too long period. You can wear real fur just on your real skin but when it is synthetic then you have to wear a full sleeve t-shirt or anything else because direct contact of the synthetic alternative can make your skin sensitive along with rash and itching problems.

Still there any reason to go for alternatives?

Now you can say that it is cheaper. Yes, it is cheaper apparently, if you take a deeper look then it will not be cheaper anymore. It is true that real fur coats and jackets come with a high price tag. But they can accompany you for decades. What my grandmother had worn that I can wear easily today without losing the style value. Real fur is a timeless outerwear option, what has rules 1900s that can easily rule the 2000s! But with the faux fur or other synthetic alternatives, the time span is hardly one to two years. And again you have to spend bucks to avail another one! Does it still seem cost-effective to you? Just buy real fur outerwear this year and enjoy it for the next 11 years unless you want a new model!

In order to know the benefits of animal fur, we should take a deeper look-

Warmth- fur is accepted as nature’s wonderful response to winter. And nothing can beat its warmth capacity. It allows the human body to breathe. Because of its isothermal nature, it keeps the wearer comfortable and cozy regardless of the temperature changes during winter.

Comfort- There is no better match than fur as it feels soft, sensual and enveloping. And with the help of modern technology fur outerwear has become versatile and lightweight. In fact, you can wear them around the year rather than just in the cold season.

Timelessness- Fur will never be out of the style and trend! In the Stone Age, people wore fur to get the required warmth today people wear it for warmth as well as high style value. Even hundreds of international top designers showcase fur outerwear in their collection in increasingly creative ways.

Durability- You know that real fur is popular for its luxurious look and feel. It is a natural fiber and durable. It is resilient and lasting; you can recycle, update and re-style time and time again. If you properly take care of your fur outerwear, your investment will bring many years of pleasure for sure.

Versatility- maybe previously fur outerwear was only a formal game! But now you can wear fur everywhere. With jeans or ball gowns, warm on a winter evening, enchanting on a summer dress because there is only one rule and that is craft your own style statement.

Eco-logical- It is a great example of sustainable use of renewable source without destroying the environment. It is bio-degradable! But very few people let it gets degrade as you can easily re-style it.

These are the main benefits that let people shop real fur in all the season. But here a problem most of the first time fur outerwear buyer face and that is they cannot differentiate real fur with the synthetic alternative. The market is filled with synthetic alternatives and that’s why it becomes tough to find the right retailer who offers genuine fur coats for women and men. You can easily know the tricks to recognize real fur from our blog section. Or just open this link: “Things you need to know before buying fur outerwear”.

Or you can directly come to us. We deal with real fur and leather products. Now we are online too! We have 24 hours delivery option too along with easy return policy. From the site, you can easily explore all the collections and easily buy. Or you can meet us physically and enjoy the free trails.

Our shopping regime is complication free. All you need to do is just select the item you want to purchase, select size and color and then add to the bag. After that, you need to complete the payment. You can apply the coupon code for the discount (if available). If you visit us physically then just come, enjoy the trails, and pick the best one. you can carry cash or card, whatever you want!

So, don’t wait, come, shop, and rule the trend!


We, humans, have started to wear animal pelts and fur near about 170,000 years ago! And still, we are in love of these clothing materials. It is quite strange that since then these materials are used to become the symbol of wealth and luxury. These were only the game of high-class people of society. But the good part is that now in 2019, fur has become the cup of tea of all the classes of the society. The advanced technology and smart textile strategies in alignment have made it possible. Now it is possible to own stunning fur outerwear in this fall and be the reason for the crowd easily. Actually, there were days, when we common and next door girls do just wonder about the  wore by the celebrities of Hollywood. But availing a stunning real fur coat or jacket is a matter of minutes!


In the 11th century, European royal people started to wear fur outerwear as a symbol of social status. The warmth was the second priority in the list. Even in the 1300s, there were laws to regulate that which social class can wear which type of fur!

The increasing demand for fur products has given birth to a lot of far farms in the 1870s. Most of the men’s fur coat was lined with fur on the inside and crafted of other materials on the outside. And women’s coats were lined with fur at the collar, wrists, and hem. After that, the use of fur clothing in the movies has just boosted the fur criteria among the common people.

After the 1950s, fur products become more affordable and casual in manner. Most of the film stars started to consider fur wearing a mandatory regime to show their sparkle to the world. With the help of the expert designers, fur outerwear became shorter and affordable and even perfect for the day time.

How does fur run for decades?

What your Victorian grandmother has worn that you too can wear! And that is really aristocratic as well as pleasing! It is just like wearing an old yet precious crown with priceless gems. A real fur product can run for decades if you care it properly. Honest to say that fur does not require too much maintenance at all. Actually, nature has designed fur so well that it seems self-sufficient without human help. It has been noticed that a lot of people search online to know the right ways to keep the fur well in condition. For them, I want to say that if the product is of real fur then you should not worry at all! All you can do is wear carefully, and roam freely! After returning, shake off the coat or jacket properly to make it completely snow and rainwater free, hang in a hanger inside the room in the fresh air, shake off again and then place inside the closet- it’s the mandatory regime you need to follow. You can use some cotton cloth and wipe the jacket or coat softly. But if there is food or drink spills or any other kind of spots, you should consult the professional fur cloth cleaner. Trying any DIY trick may end up by destroying the jacket or coat fully.

When it comes to choosing the closet then you should choose a bigger one as folding the fur outerwear is not good for its health. There are breathable plastic bags, you can place the outerwear there and then you can hang them inside the closet. You should avoid placing anything on the outerwear otherwise it will completely destroy the floppiness of it.

Where will you get real fur outerwear?

Well, this is a valid question on the internet. Just type fur coat or jacket in the search box, ‘faux’ will take place! And sorry to say that it is not the real fur! Faux is a synthetic version with a similar look to real fur. But it does not match the comfort, fash, on and warmth to the real fur. Mainly, most of the real fur brands use rabbit, raccoon, and chinchilla fur to craft stylish winter outerwear. When the markets are filled with the synthetic alternatives then how can one find the real one! To get the real thing you need a deeper search- evaluating the products, reviews and all the associated details. And you know that it takes time!

There is another easy and time-effective way and that is you can directly visit Alen Cooper. It is an old player in this field. Over the decade, it is satisfying people with its amazing outerwear and footwear. There are so many style, size, and color variations. All you need to do is just explore and pick the best one according to your choice. Now we are both online and offline! You can visit us physically and enjoy the free trails or you can explore the collection online. In most of the popular online shopping portals, we have listed our products so that our customers can find us easily without opening too many tabs. And the most exciting parts are that we offer completely free shipping on real fur in Jackets & Coats and complication-free return policy.

In all the holidays (in the USA), we offer exciting offers such as instant discount offer. There are some codes, you will find on our site and by applying those you can easily enjoy the discounts. No matter what you are ordering a genuine fur coat for women or men, you will definitely get the discount. And now we are just taking one day to ship your ordered item to your doorstep. All you need to do is just select the product, its size and color, adding the to bag, applying the coupon code and pay! And within a very short span, your ordered item will be at your place.

Come, explore, and relish the classy world of fur fashion!

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