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From the Second World War time, common people have been hunting leather jackets. There are so many outerwear items which get popular but after a time, people just forget them. But the leather jacket is completely different. It seems that people have fallen in love with leather jackets and that love is eternal. Decades change, fashion changes and even the century changes but the leather was the priority, is the priority, and will be the priority! The leather outerwear is timeless.

There are so many types and style are available in the market. But it sounds classier when it is about women’s leather motorcycle jacket. Actually, men and motorcycle were commonplace during the Second World War time. In order to perform inside the war tanks and to beat the cold, military men used to wear a leather bomber jacket. But after some time, in order to perform more carefully, they required the help of motorcycles.

Riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. It requires proper training, interruption-free concentration, and body strength. The bad weather conditions such as snow, cold wind or some injuries (can take place due to fall during riding) can interrupt your concentration. It has been noticed that due to too much cold wind, bikers cannot properly drive on the road and this often lead to devastating accidents. Apart from this, riding bikes in too cold weather can make the rider fall sick. When riding a bike has become the necessity in the U.S military then they feel the need for protective outerwear. Irving Schott has first designed the motorcycle leather jacket for the U.S military men.

After the war, common people started to adopt this style in their everyday style. That’s because they too were inspired by the bike riding and availed some bikes for their day to day use. For them, all the interruptions were the same as the military men. And that’s why they too started to wear the leather outerwear.

It is not that leather biker jackets were only popular for the protection purpose. But it also has a great style value. From the WWII, leather outerwear is a hot option in the world of fashion and style. From the Hollywood celebrities to the common man, everyone is in love with the leather products.

The leather products are considered as the sign of class and elegance. During the Victorian era, only the royal people can afford these products. Generally, leather products are expensive. Actually, you may panic at the first moment by hearing the price range but then you will not panic definitely. Actually, when we go for any synthetic alternative then we can avail it instead of a small amount. But in the next year, you have to run for another outerwear for sure. That’s because alternatives do not run for a longer time of span and just a wash can take away all its glamour instantly. But with the leather products such as leather jackets, coats or boots, you do not have to face this kind of situation. If you properly care your leather products then it can easily accompany you for decades. Even a maintained leather jacket can easily run from one generation to the next generation.

The female leather jacket is the outcome of some modernization in the women’s fashion world. During the 1970s, some female rock bands have introduced the use of leather jackets with some rock punk look in the society. Billy Idle and Blondie started to wear customized leather jackets during their band shows and then this style became viral. In this 2019, regardless of the gender, everyone prefers to wear leather outerwear especially in the countries where winter is too cold and snowy.

The leather is gentle, has breathable properties, soft and comfortable and that’s why women like it this much! Actually, women have found it as a great way of style and comfort in one alignment. Just a real leather jacket can make your simple look instantly elegant.

There is nothing specific that only limited to men! Even when the main concern is style! Without any doubt, the leather outerwear is an iconic style statement and that cannot be limited to men only. In all the fields of growth and improvement, women are taking part rather they are succeeding! Then why they will be far from the leather jackets! A woman with cool leather outerwear, full of confidence, and smile in her lips, look hotter than a volcano!


Leather sounds classy! With a real leather jacket, denim and a pair of boots, anyone can easily be the central attention at anywhere. A lot of people think that these stylish leather outerwear and footwear are the gift of today’s fashion. But NO! Leather outerwear is in the practice from long before.

People know fashion changes always, what is ruling today maybe that cannot rule tomorrow. But there are a few classy things which are in the flow from long before and hopefully will be in the future.

So, when it comes to leather history then a lot of scenarios comes into the minds. Some relate it to the royal regime some say different. But from the proofs, it gets known that leather outerwear has introduced into the genre during the First World War. “A war engages style”- it may sound strange. In other words, it can be said that war not only destroys but also gives birth, maybe a new country or a new style.

In the days of the fight, military men used to wear leather jackets in order to keep them warm in too cold weather. That outerwear style was “bomber”. Navigators and the bombardiers mainly preferred this style. Apart from this, another style “motorcycle jacket” has come into the practice. And it was inspired and designed by Irving Schott. During the Second World War, military men, and motorcycle have become commonplace. And they felt the need of adding protection. And that time Schott designed the protective biker jacket for them.

In the mid-1900s, this style was adopted in the sporting domain. And common people got hugely inspired. From that time, people were in the wish to adopt this style in their daily life. At the same time, some Hollywood icons started to wear this and leather outerwear got the iconic status. Apart from the military and police department, motorcycle got introduced into the common man's life and in the same way, leather outerwear took the place in their life. Maybe there are a lot of wearing material available outside but matching the superiority of real leather is very tough rather entirely impossible. And that’s why leather garments, footwear, and accessories seem this much classy even in this digital era. It is just like matching tradition in a modern way.

If you too feel leather is classy and want to avail the latest collection then you should deal with a genuine leather retailer otherwise there is a great chance of fraud. Actually, it has been noticed that a lot of retailers sell alternative products in name of real leather by simply befooling the customers. And you should not be a fool buyer anymore. In order to get a reliable one, online research and referrals from your trusted ones can be effective. Along with these, you need to keep a fact in your concern is that real leather is a bit expensive. If anyone offers you real products at a very low price then you can get sure that is NOT REAL!

So, be wise, know leather from its root, choose the best retailer and wear the best one!


The world is evolving! And there is nothing too much tough that women cannot match. From riding the bikes to climbing the rocks-women can do everything. Then why not wearing leather biker jackets in this winter season! Actually, there was an idea and that is biker jackets are limited to the men only. But hopefully, the idea is over now. In the ending decades of 1900, some female rock stars, Blondie and Billy Idol have introduced the leather jackets in the female fashion world. And after that now most of the women are just gaga about the real leather biker jackets.

Nowadays both men and women are same passionate about motorcycle riding. A few days earlier it was limited to the men’s game only. But now you can wear stylish biker jackets easily. Irving Schott has first designed these leather jackets for the military men. And after the Second World War, common people started to adopt this jacket in their daily life. The adding warmth and protection are the main attributes of this motorcycle jacket.

When we ride a motorcycle then we need adding protection. The cold wind, snow, dust and so many other things are there to interrupt your driving and make you sick. Apart from the style and elegance, biker jackets are also perfect for bike riding protection. Actually, it was designed in a unique way so that it can keep you warm as well as protected from the potential injuries.

When we ride a bike, we need a strong grip over the handles and feet at the right place. In this type of situation, if we cannot concentrate on riding due to cold wind, dust and other weather interruptions then what is the benefit of availing a motorcycle! In order to ride the bike without facing these interruptions, wearing a leather biker jacket is the best option.

But not all the things are going to fit in your cup! There are various types of biker jackets are available in the market and you have to pick the best one for you. It has been noticed that a lot of people end up by buying the wrong product. But there are some ways through which you can easily pick the best biker jacket without investing huge bucks-

    At the first move, you need to check the quality of the product. There are various types of leather textures- sheepskin, lambskin and so on. Generally, for the leather biker jackets, manufacturers prefer sheepskin. This kind of leather jacket is soft and durable.
    The unique design of the leather biker jacket offers sound protection to the chest, sleeves, and shoulder. And that’s why you need to check that your chosen leather jacket is properly quilted or not.
    There are a lot of color variations. When you are riding a bike in the foggy weather or in the dark night then wearing deep color jackets is the best option. Other drivers or walking people can recognize you from far and it is helpful to avoid the accidents. Mustard leather jackets, wine color, and black color jackets are in high demand always.
    In order to enjoy the comfort and protection, you should pick up the right size. A lot of people cannot enjoy the actual comfort due to selecting the wrong size. It is a true fact that not two men or women are same in this world unless they are a twin. And that’s why the size also differs. Generally, most of the dedicated manufacturers offer the right size guide so that you can pick the best product easily. Apart from these, Alen Cooper offers customization service so that you can avail exactly that you need.

In order to buy the best leather jacket finding the best destination is also important. Alen Cooper is a leading leather, shearling, and fur outerwear and footwear destination. Here you will get the best jackets and coats at the right price. All the boots are of high quality and professional finish. You can reach us online or offline. We are there 24/7 for our customers. For any kind of query, you can just leave a message and we will reply you instantly. Serving the customers the best service and product is the main motto of Alen Cooper. We have quality assured products with an easy return policy. We have no hidden policy. We only believe in fair business and customer satisfaction. 


The leather jackets are timeless products! From the WWII time, these jackets are in the style and will remain forever. Generally, fashion changes always but style does not. And these jackets are a strong style statement and very hard to replace. From the Hollywood divas to military men, everyone prefers to wear leather outerwear during winter. In the countries, where winter is too cold and snowy, there is no better alternative outerwear to beat the cold than a leather jacket or coat.

The very first leather jacket was of bomber style. Mainly the army men, who work inside the war tanks, prefer to wear this bomber jacket. This jacket type is easy to carry and offers sound warmth so that one can easily beat the cold and accelerate the job. After that, so many styles were invented and the fashion world is still evolving- so many new designs yet to come. But there are some distinct styles which are just Kings of all the eras. And all of them say something interesting about the wearer. You know the dressing style, and the manner of communicating say a lot about the person.

A leather jacket is perfect to offer the required oomph to any outfit. But all have their favorite style. Do you like the biker jacket or you just need a long leather coat? Are you interested in bohemian vibe or you want to portray a rebellious rock star look? Let’s get the answer:

Bomber jacket

Vibe- Athletic, sporty

Can be worn with- generally, leather jackets are available in dark colors. And that’s why these look great with pastel colored flowy dresses and peep toes.

Biker jacket

Vibe- Confident, Daring and edgy

Can be worn with- during the bike riding obviously! With the shirt, skirts, thigh-high boots, you can easily wear this one.

Cropped Jacket

Vibe- Bold and fashionable

Can be worn with- with a simple tank top and high-waist pant, this can match perfectly.

Quilted Jacket

Vibe- polished and trendy

Can be worn with- sky-high booties and a structured handbag it will look awesome and will make you more attractive.

Racer jacket

Vibe- Thrill lover

Can be worn with- with a denim booty shorts, lace-up boots, and a ripped tee, this racer jacket can match perfectly.

Studded jacket

Vibe- Rock star or steampunk rebellious

Can be worn with- with a white t-shirt, a white sneaker, this studded jacket will look more attractive. And you should forget your big sunny g’s.


Vibe- bossy

Can be worn with- generally, you can carry this with anything! But it will look unique if you try some metallic hued heels and similar accessories with it.


Vibe- gentle and sophisticated

Can be worn with- with a light-colored sweater, dark pants, and sky-high ankle boots, it will look more pleasing to be the central attention!

These are the most common and most demanded real leather jackets of all the era. The previous section has offered you a detailed look at the types of leather jackets and exactly what they can say about you once you wear them with a specific outfit. In other words, from the classical bomber to the edgy studded leather jacket, you can understand the exact vibe by yourself once you wear it. Or you can simply check out the celebrities who wear these styles and you can craft your own style statement by adorning them the way you dream.


Winter is not about feeling freezy only. In winter there are so many exciting things to do and dressing well is the first thing! A lot of people feel that there is nothing to do in winter except dressing like a polar bear! If you think so then you are completely wrong.  Winter is the best time when you can easily enable a sensational look without feeling cold. When it comes to winter wear then fur cloths take a great place. Actually, it has been noticed that people, especially from the cold countries, prefer to wear real fur outerwear than any other outerwear option. From the iconic celebs to the common man- everyone prefers to wear real fur outerwear. Without any doubt, real fur adds the class and elegance instantly.

The way of dressing expresses your personality without saying a word. Modern people prefer to live smart, dress simple yet look elegant and that is only possible with the fur outerwear.

The hidden history of Fur

When it comes to real fur outerwear the generally we get fox fur, rabbit fur, and mink fur. It is not that the modern people have started the use of fur in form of winter outerwear. Fur clothing is the trend from the long back. During the 11th century, fur was worn as the symbol of wealth and high social status in Europe than just out of the requirement for warmth. European royalty prefers to wear fur coats, scarf, handcuffs, hats and other fur accessories made from mink fur on a regular basis. After the 1300s, common people started to adopt this dressing code in their regime.

In the Victorian era, the demand for luxury fur items got increased hugely. During the 1870s, Victorian men used to wear the fur coats and those were lined with fur on the inside and the outerwear side was made of with other materials. Women’s coats were of fur collar, wrists, and hem. The use of these products in the movies boosted the popularity of the fur coats and other accessories dramatically.

By the 1950s, it has been noticed that most of the heroes and heroines started to wear fur coats and other accessories in movies and in their private lives. Along with the price, rising designers started to create more casual looks with the real fur. After a while, fur coats started to become shorter and people were also enjoying these coats during the daytime.

During the 1960s, fur became more affordable than ever and synthetic alternatives also started to take place in.

Fur outerwear in 2019

In 2019, real fur still is in high demand. A large number of people are just gaga about these products. But the synthetic alternatives are taking a huge place in the market. And that is not a good fact. Most of the people are completely unavailable of the real leather virtues. And a lot of retailers are selling the alternatives in name of real fur. Synthetic alternatives are not able to offer you the required warmth. Apart from this, they are not also durable.

No doubt real fur is expensive although choosing the alternative one is not a good choice if you really want to add class and elegance to your impression. There are so many reasons for which people are tending towards the real option instead of the alternatives. Let’s explore the reasons-

  • Without any doubt the most obvious benefit is its incredible warmth that we get from the real fur outerwear. No synthetic alternative can match the heat retention that you from the real one. It is an ideal option for extreme cold.
  • Real fur outerwear can run for a longer time of span in comparison with the alternatives. And that’s why most of the people find it a valuable investment which ensures good returns in form of style, warmth, and durability.
  • Actually, it is a timeless addition to your closet. Real fur has never been out of the trend and will never be! No matter in which decade you are in and will be, you can enjoy the fur coats and accessories for a long period.
  • Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are offering great variation in style and price range. Now without spending a lot of bucks, you can avail the best products easily. It has been noticed that on special days, renowned retailers offer up to 50% instant discount on each product.
  • By wearing synthetic alternatives for a longer time period, a lot of people have faced skin rashes, bumps, and itching. And sometimes they require serious treatment by the dermatologists. But with the real fur outerwear options, there is no such chance. They are soft, organic, and do not reach against human skin. The wearer remains warm for all day without feeling uncomfortable.

Lastly, it can be said that fur coats and accessories give you the confidence that you need to get out and deal with the too cold winter in style and comfort.

Where to buy?

Well, we know that you will definitely ask the destination from where you can easily avail the real fur coats at the right price. Without any doubt, Alen Cooper is the best option for you. Alen Cooper shares all the required information so that people can buy smart and can be satisfied. All the products of our store are unique and high-quality.

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On the special days, we offer up to 50% instant discount on each product. Actually, we believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we do all the possible things to satisfy all the customers. From our “Happy Customer” page you can see how much they are satisfied by dealing with us.

Just after selling the product, a retailer’s responsibility is not over. How to take care the products, how to clean them and even how to recognize the real leather, fur, and shearling in this world of synthetic alternatives- we suggest. If you are purchasing a product from us then it is our duty to ensure all the best things so that you can enjoy the product for a longer time of span. Along with these, we offer customization service. If you do not get fit in the pre-crafted sizes or if you have your own design then just share with us, we will craft exactly the same for you!


The leather jacket is one of the most wished outerwear items in winter of all the times. Maybe the trend has started with the biker style to offer the required shield to the military men but it quickly tricked down to the common masses and refuses to go out of the trend. It is not that leather jackets only protect the wearer from the dangerously cold weather but also enable a flair and classy finishing touch to the most basic attires of choice.

But here a question arises and that is ‘do all the market available products offer these attributes?”- The answer is NO! If you are a shopping maniac then you must know that not all the places are good to buy the best products. The satisfaction after a successful purchase depends on your shopping style. If you do rush, pick outerwear from any destination and pick any style then you cannot enjoy the best thing about the trend. In order to get the best things instead of your hard-earned money, you have to follow the right way.

So, let’s discuss the steps you need to follow to buy the latest and the best leather outerwear of 2019-

First of all, it should start with finding the right style for you. There are so many styles available in the market but which one is going to suit you the best that you need to know properly. The latest trends you can know from the fashion magazines, fashion blogs, or by following the celebrities. Here a fact lies and that will surely amaze you- when it comes to leather outerwear then you can easily wear the WWII time’s styles. And that’s why most of the fashion and textile experts call leather as a timeless product. Biker and bomber jackets are the earliest leather jacket styles and still ruling the trend with boldness. Modern fashion experts have enabled some customization and made the jackets more appealing.

After choosing the style, it comes to the price. And it is a vital factor. We all have a budget limitation. Generally, real leather is expensive and that’s why investing in every year in order to buy a jacket or men’s leather coat is not possible. In order to know the exact price of the selected product, you can search online. There are a lot of popular portals from where you can easily compare the price range. Or you can contact the offline stores and ask them for the price. Generally, most of the popular sites and retailers offer the sound discount during the festivals and on other special days. In order to save bucks and get the best products, tracking the offers is the best choice.

Size is another great factor. You need to recognize your actual size otherwise you cannot enjoy the style properly. Most of the famous brands and stores offer the right size guide so that their customers can easily pick the best one. But a lot of people have confessed that when it comes to buying men’s or women’s plus size leather jacket then they face dilemmas. Not all the online portals or retailers offer these uncommon sizes. But you don’t need to worry about Alen Cooper.

Finally, it comes to rechecking the leather quality. It is not that all the market available products are of real sheepskin or lambskin. They may be of faux or any other synthetic alternative. During the starting of 2000, the synthetic alternatives have started to grow rapidly. Generally, people run after the alternatives because of the lower price ranges. A faux leather jacket can hardly run for two years. And after that, you have to invest again. But a real leather jacket can accompany you for a longer time of span. There are some ways to recognize the real leather in the world of synthetic alternatives. In order to know the tricks open this link:

By following these steps, you can easily buy the real leather jacket easily. Alen Cooper is a reliable leather, shearling, and fur outerwear and footwear destination. Here you can explore a great variety, free trails, and amazing discounts instantly. If you want to buy from here then you can reach us both online and offline.


People who are in need of a true fashion statement then you cannot ignore the charm of leather outerwear. They remain the staple item when it comes to women’s fashion. It is not that leather is a completely 20s invention. The leather is in the use for a longer time. Maybe previously it was completely men’s game but now women are enjoying its sparks too. When it comes to fashion then a lot of people say that it always changes but style never! But leather can be accepted as one of few precious things which never go out of fashion.

The leather outerwear is timeless! No matter what the era is, people will run after the real leather products. This is in part because of its distinctive appearance. For any kind of style, this material blends seamlessly. You can wear a leather jacket in a hundred different ways with a hundred different outfits.

Among all the leather jacket styles, the ‘biker’ is famous. Previous only the military men were using it but during the 1970s, women started to use it. A ladies black leather jacket is a great investment rather gift to yourself and your wardrobe. A denim jean, casual t-shirt, and just a black leather jacket can give you the most sensational look in the cold winter days. No matter what your age is, you can carry it at anywhere.

According to the Hollywood stars, leather outerwear is the utmost outerwear which can give the ultimate iconic status. Along with the style value, there is something more that you can expect from leather outerwear.

  1. First of all, it is durable and can accompany the wearer for a longer time of span. It has been noticed that properly maintained leather outerwear can run from one generation to the next generation. Real leather coats were the sign of class and economic status in the Victorian era. And still, they are getting the same level of value and attention from all the people of all around the globe.
  2. There was a time when people were running after the synthetic alternative. The too much chemical production and usages indirectly and directly harm the earth and accelerate global warming! Hopefully, people are getting aware and trying to avail an ORGANIC life. It is not that the earth is getting harmed only but also the health of the human is also facing the problems. Synthetic alternatives are the main reason of skin rashes, bumps, and awkward suffocation during the winter time. It has been noticed that a lot of people visit the dermatologist due to these rashes and bumps.
  3. Just a leather jacket is enough! You don’t need to wear lots of woolen outerwear and thermals in order to beat the cold and move freely outside the home if there is leather outerwear. no matter how cold the weather is just a leather jacket can keep you warm all day.
  4. Maybe in order to buy a leather jacket, you have to pay some bucks. But that is also a sign of cost-effectiveness too. If you avail a leather jacket then you don’t need to buy another one of that style for a longer time of span. But if you go with the synthetic alternatives then you have to visit the offline or online store every year. Synthetic alternatives may seem cheap but they last for only one to two years.
  5. No style is out of trend! What your grandfather has worn that you too can wear. That’s because leather is timeless and people are still in love with the very early models. Leather bomber jacket for women is a ruling option of today. This style is inspired by the military men’s outerwear, especially who work in the war tanks. Whether it is a long overcoat or a simple regular leather jacket- you will definitely look better by wearing leather outerwear!


The leather is a tradition! Yes, the fact is quite true. The real leather products are acting like traditional outerwear during the winter season. These jackets and coats are in the trend from the First World War time. And still, people are just gaga about these outwears. It has been noticed that the countries where winter is too cold there more and more people prefer leather products. No doubt leather has the capacity to offer standard warmth without making the wearer feel uncomfortable.

But the shocking fact is that a lot of people are also tending towards the synthetic alternatives without knowing its harmful effects. Maybe the alternatives are cheaper than the real leather although there are some facts that will limit your synthetic alternatives purchasing habit.

  1. First of all, these alternatives are not good for nature. They are not bio-degradable and directly contribute to global warming. The huge production of these products and excessive chemical usage are leaving too many harmful effects on nature. If you want to save the nature and want to avail an organic way of dressing then opting the leather outerwear is the best option for you.
  2. Apart from this, synthetic alternatives also do a lot of health interruptions. Every year a lot of people visit the dermatologists for the winter skin rashes. One of the main reasons for winter skin rash is wearing synthetic jackets and products. Actually, the real leather has breathable properties and that’s why your skin remains fresh after wearing a jacket for all day. But when you wear a faux jacket for a long time then you will end up by having skin rashes as there is no breathable property like the real leather. And it has been noticed that often the situation become too worse and people need to go under serious treatment.
  3. A synthetic alternative may seem apparently cheaper. But actually, it is not. If you buy an alternative then you have to buy another one in the next year as these jackets or coats do not run for more than one year. But if you purchase a real leather jacket then you can easily enjoy it in the next ten years. According to the textile and leather experts, with the proper, maintenance leather outerwear can run from one generation to the next generation.
  4. After years of use, you can easily bring back the lost shine of leather outerwear. Most of the leather retailers offer the regeneration service for their customers. Without investing a lot of bucks you can enjoy outerwear with sparkling shine for a longer time span. But generally, the alternatives do not offer this benefit. They end up their life and durability just after one or two years’ usage.
  5. Generally, real leather outerwears come with the warranty. But there is no such validity of the alternative products. It is just like testing your luck, you can enjoy a faux jacket for one year or just for one month. Along with this, the cleaning regime of this alternative is also complicated. On the contrary, with some lukewarm water and cotton cloth piece, you can clean the leather jackets and coats. And during the too much serious requirements, there are a lot of professional washermen to help you. But you should never experiment any trick with your real leather jacket. Not all the DIY tutorials are real and helpful. For the best help, communicating with the retailer is the best option.
  6. You can resell the real leather jackets. Yes, real leather jackets can easily pass from one generation to the next one. There are a lot of people and retailers who buy second-hand jackets. If you do not like your old jacket or coat anymore, then you can easily sell that and manage the fund for your next pure leather outerwear.
  7. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are offering new designs and a wide range of color variety in case of real leather. And that you cannot match with any kind of synthetic alternative. There are various real leather jackets for womenand men at a reasonable price. In order to get those best products choosing the right destination is important.

In order to purchase the real leather jackets without wasting too many bucks, visiting Alen Cooper is the best option. It is a reliable leather, shearling, and fur destination without any doubt. Real leather is no doubt expensive. But in this destination, you are going to enjoy several discount offers throughout the year. And that’s why here availing pure leather jacket at a comparatively lower price is possible. You can reach this destination both online and offline. Online ordering is complication free and you will get your product just within two to three business days. Or if you come physically then you can enjoy the unlimited free trials.

So many offers are there! All you need to do is just grab the best one just when the offer starts! Alen Cooper is waiting for you!

Have a great day!


A denim jean, a stylish T-shirt, and a soft leather jacket can easily make a woman’s perfect look regardless of the place where she is going. From the military units to Hollywood starts, everyone prefers to wear real leather jackets especially when they want to look elegant. Soft leather jackets are in the style from the First World War time and still, it is ruling the trend. Fashion changes itself always but the style is something constant. But when it comes to real leather jackets then simply this rule does not work.

If your wardrobe has real leather outerwear then it will automatically get an iconic status. No doubt these jackets are expensive but run a longer time of span. Previously leather jackets were only for men. But some female rock starts started to wear leather jackets during their performances. And then these jackets become popular among a lot of females all across the world. Billy Idol and Blondie started to customize their leather jackets for an attractive look. Now various types of stylish leather jackets are available in the market.

Today in this blog, we are going to discuss the top seven leather jackets for men. No matter you are a biker babe or a fashion maven, this jackets will surely melt your heart. Actually, these are the ‘must have’ choices that every woman dreams off. For any pub date to family get together, everywhere you can carry these jackets. When it comes to leather jackets then we firstly think about the leather jackets. Leather jackets are great to protect the wearer from the dust, wind, sun, bugs and unexpected weather conditions. Without any doubt, leather gives standard warmth to the wearer but along with this, it also keeps the skin fresh for all day. Leather has breathable properties and that’s why a lot of people just get gaga about the real instead of the cheap synthetic faux alternative.

Moto biker jackets seem killer when you pair it with skinny jeans, mini-skirts or a cocktail dress. These leather jackets are creating a unique and leading style statement and the most beautiful part is that in 2019 they are more affordable than ever. Sheepskin leather jackets are soft and manufacturers use satin lining and it gives an awesome glace all over the jacket. There are so many color and design variations. According to some shopping queens, when they enter a real leather destination they just feel like they have entered the heaven of style and comfort.

Below to seven jackets types for women are discussed, just have a look-

Black lambskin leather jacket- these leather jackets are really good, fit easily and flatter your curves. The high collar style is really great to protect your neck from the cold wind. The sleeves and shoulder are uniquely designed so that you can easily get both tough and feminine look.

Collarless asymmetrical leather jackets - For Saturday evening parties, this collarless asymmetrical leather jackets is a perfect choice. It is not a too-fancy outerwear option and that’s why you can easily buy it as a gift option. With a classy ankle boot, you can easily wear this jacket and easily be the central attention.

Retro biker jackets- Retro biker jacket is great outerwear for long bike drive or any night party. This ensures a perfect fit and provides standard warmth. Just a retro jacket can be a great companion in the days of snow. This jacket can be of various deep colors. The soft retro biker jacket is inspired with a classic biker strength, embodied by stud epaulets at the shoulder and zipped gauntlet cuffs for a more perfect fit.

Lightweight short biker jackets- These jackets are really good for the riding purpose. If the jacket is under the waistline then you will find problems during the riding. On the contrary, the leather jacket will start to adopt wrinkles if it is longer than the waistline. And that’s why this jacket is the perfect biker jacket. It has the right length. Along with this, it has a supportive collar and shoulder so that you can easily protect yourself from the cold wind, dust, and other injuries.

Belted collar leather jackets- peaked collar leather jackets are no doubt great options. But you will not like to wear the same style for a longer time of span. Belted collar jackets are unique as well as supportive. First of all, it gives you a stylish look and secondly it will help you to protect your neck from the cold. These are easy to wear and can pair with any kind of jean.

Biker jackets with bolts-  if you do not like the same regular leather jacket then this one is the best option for you. The regular jacket is of plain texture. But this jacket has small silver bolts all over the body and that’s why it looks so special. You can wear this at any night party. It is gorgeous outerwear and easily let you be the central attention.

Bomber jackets- Bomber leather jackets are dating back from the WWII time. And still, this is leading the trend. Nowadays, the collar style of the bomber jacket is changing. Now you don’t have to deal with the same bomber jackets as so many designs are available in the market.

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The way of living is changing at a fast pace. There was a time when people go gaga about alternative products. Synthetic alternatives are no doubt cheaper and easy to avail. But questions arrived when people find increasing global warming and various health issues continuously? Aren’t we the ultimate reason for these?

Yes, we are the utmost reason for this situation! A lot of discussions have already taken place due to this situation and hopefully, we have found some way to minimize the increasing rate of global warming. If you notice closely, you will see from the early morning to the late night, we all use some synthetic alternatives in our day to day life. And the production of these products is directly invoking global warming. So, what best we can do now? We can less use these products by availing organic products.

Leather, fur, and shearling are the best and comfortable organic materials which can ensure a greater warmth as well as style. These are easily bio-degradable and production manners do not contribute to global warming. This is a concerned fact for which a lot of people tending towards these organic products from the world of synthetic alternatives. It is not that only increased temperature of the earth is the ultimate reason for which a great number of people are going ORGANIC but also there are a lot of sound reasons. Let’s explore those reasons from the below section-

    1. First of all, it all starts with the skin rashes. According to medical research, every year a large number of people need to visit the dermatologist and skin specialists due to skin rashes. A type of rashes takes place, especially in the winter. And no doubt that is too much irritating. One of the main reasons for winter skin rashes is wearing synthetic alternative products such as faux jackets and coats. Just a jacket can increase your winter suffering! There is no reason to tolerate! And that’s why a lot of people are welcoming organic products more and more. Nowadays, a lot of people buyfor adding comfort and style.


    1. When it comes to style then it needs to say that style and fashion has a great difference. “Fashion changes but style endures”. And that’s why leather is in the style from the First World War time and still ruling the trend. Some products are evergreen just like the leather. No matter which type of occasion you are going to join leather outerwear can make your outer appearance perfect for there.


    1. Synthetic alternatives are not so warm. With a faux jacket, you may have to wear another warm cloth to beat the cold. But with a real leather jacket, you can easily protect yourself from the cold. You can wear a normal t-shirt under the leather outerwear although you will not feel the cold. It has been noticed that in the countries where winter is too cold there people are just gaga about real leather products. Real leather is a great way to keep the body warm without any discomfort.


    1. With the synthetic alternative such as the faux jacket, you can feel suffocated inside like a lot of other people. But with the real leather jacket for women and men, you will not face this problem. Pure leather has breathable properties and it keeps you fresh all day.


    1. Leather saves your investments! Shocked? Don’t get! We know that leather is an expensive investment although it saves your investment. How? If you buy a synthetic alternative then that item can run hard for two years (if you maintain well). And after two years, you have to buy another one. But if you buy a real leather product then it can accompany you for a longer time of span. Generally, real leather jackets easily pass from one generation to the next generation.


These are the main five reasons, for which a lot of people are tending towards the organic leather at a fast pace. There are a lot of places in the USA from where you can buy the best quality outerwear at the right price. Or you can simply deal with us.

Alen Cooper is a reliable destination to shop for real leather, shearling, and fur outerwear and footwear. It has started its journey ten years back and within a short span of time, it has become a favorite destination to a lot of people. There are a lot of BIG brothers in the industry although people choose us and it is really amazing to us. We do fair business and we do not like to enable any hidden term and conditions like others. What we have said in our website we will do that and let people deal in the same way with us. In order to know more about us, you can visit the about us, privacy policy, and return policy pages. Visiting all these pages will help you to commit a fairer deal with us.

Hope this blog will help you to buy ORGANIC and smart! Have a great day!

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