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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. - Warren Buffet


We purchase stuff on a regular basis, it can be grocery item or study material. We need to spend money on a regular basis. When we spend money and avail an item and that item offers us all the possible benefits, we feel satisfied. It is the ultimate value of that purchased item. But the scenario gets worst when we buy stuff instead of our hard earned money and the benefits we deserve to get are missing. The money, time, effort- all go in vain! No matter what the item is, it needs to have the promised value i.e. promised benefits.


This kind of frustrating situation takes place when the retailer is not transparent in his or her business making or when the buyer is not that much smart to evaluate the needs. Today, Alen Cooper will share some tips through which you can easily be a smart leather outerwear buyer and recognize the genuine retailer of the city. So, let’s start-


Select the type


Yes, there are various kinds of real leather jacket available in the market, some with traditional vibes and some with super modern sensation. What you exactly need, you have to decide before getting inside the store. You should do a little research and ask for referrals to your friends who have a high sense in fashion and trends. If you buy online, you can visit lots of sites for ideas. Or you can simply ping us to know your best style.


Select the color


It is the next important thing that you need to care. There is no boundary at all, you can wear what your heart wants unless the place where you are heading has a particular dress code or theme. Tan, coffee, and black leather jackets are common options and in this journey from long before. The new olive color jackets are high in trend, you can try that with Alen Cooper.


Select the leather type


Yes, here will get variations too! Different quality leather jackets are present in the market. Some are more comfortable, some are less; some are super soft and some are not that much. According to your need and budget, you have to choose the best one. If you are a first-time leather buyer or in need of super soft and comfortable yet reasonable leather outerwear, you should pick sheepskin over other options.


Check its originality


Questions arrive here! Yes, there are a lot of retailers in the market who sell alternative leather products in the name of real leather and it is not a pleasant fact. Faux or any other alternative option is less pricey but not good for health. Alternative options cannot provide you the required warmth and comfort. We have shared how to recognize real leather and differentiate from a fake one. If you have missed that post, see it again just by clicking this link:




It is the most important part as a lot of people do the mistake here. In the popular portals and websites, you will get proper size charts which will help you to get the right one for you. If you are visiting the store you can enjoy the free trials. Yet if you are not sure about the fit, you can ask the helping hands of the store or ping us to know your actual size. This process will help you to get the best one for you.


If you want to go with the customized option, you can directly contact us. All you need to do is just share your actual size chart and we will craft one for you. The manufacturing process may take two to three weeks.


Now it comes to recognizing the reliable retailer. All the retailers cum businessman have their own style of forwarding. But they have some common ways when they are completely reliable and making a fair business.


You should choose a retailer who offers proper labeling with each product. And the label should contain all the required information about the product.
He the retailer should offer an easy return policy. All the genuine retailers who are confident about their services they offer complication-free return benefit for enhanced customer satisfaction.
They will have positive feedbacks on their sites and Google local listing.
A good retailer always guides the customer with the aftercare suggestions. Actually, it declares that the retailer cares for its products and ensures long term benefits.
Their payment method needs to be very easy. Any type of card can be used there.
If you want further details about the product, the retailer will happily share some useful information.

These are the main things that you need to seek in a retailer. If all these sections are matches properly, you can easily forward the purchase process.

Or you can simply visit us at Green Acres Mall. If you want to buy online, you can visit our website. And in a lot of popular shopping portals, our products are available. You can subscribe to us to get informed about new offers and arrivals.

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People with great choice always admire the aristocracy of real leather. Since the Second World War time, real leather is in practice greatly. All the countries especially where winter is too cold there people are just in love with leather. It offers the required warmth and comfort. It has been noticed that day by day, the need for leather jackets coats is getting high. And you know that when stuff becomes popular, how much myths started to spread among people. Sometimes, business competitors or people with less knowledge do such. It is not appreciated at all!


Today, Alen Cooper will discuss the top 5 myths which are running today even on the internet. But as we have always said that we prefer to keep our customers and visitors well-informed with the right information, so, now it’s our duty to break the myths here. Let’s start-


More expensive item is more durable


You will notice that a lot of people are saying that expensive jackets are always more durable than other options. But do you know actually what makes a jacket expensive? Leather types, tanning, procedure, and designing are the most common tasks that a manufacturer does. And all these have a balanced expense. Apart from these, there is one thing that can nearly double the price than the actual price and that is the middle man. You will notice that many brands are charging a high price because they distribute their products among agents and middleman. And you get products from those agents and middleman.


There is good news too! There are a lot of good leather destinations too! From there you will get jackets and coats direct from the manufacturing house without visiting any middleman or agent. We are not bragging but for your information, we want to mention that we have our own manufacturing setting and direct from there we bring product at our stores (no middleman-no agent)! And that’s why we are able to offer you high-quality men’s coats and jackets within a reasonable range.

Easy Tumbledown


Many of us have the misconception and that is leather can get easily scratched as it is fragile. It is a myth, neither it is fragile nor easily gets scratched. You may face these scratches and fragileness with other fabrics but leather is very much stretchy in nature and always bounces back. It is popular for its durability and strength for centuries.


You can use a real leather jacket for a lifetime without compromising the jacket quality and charm. There are a lot of people who have been still using their grandparents’ coats and jackets just with some restyling.


Hard to clean


Real leather is not hard to clean at all rather it is way easier to clean. But you are not suggested to use any detergent on the leather surface. All you can do is just take a cotton cloth piece, wet it in lukewarm water and then gently rub over the jacket and wipe off the dirt and dust. After returning from outside, you should always shake off the jacket or coat well to remove snow, water, and dirt. After that, you should hang the outerwear for at least twenty minutes. In order o remove greasiness caused by oil, you can use baking soda or talcum powder.


Keep leather away from water


It is another most common myth.  Actually, real leather has water absorbing power. Along with this, the hydration of leather is really required to keep the leather well for a long time. Minimal contact with water is required. If your leather jacket gets too wet, you can use a dry cotton cloth to dry it. You know that is a natural material and that’s why it does not face any negative impact from water.


Color fades away


We all need proper care to shine. And proper care also ensures leather shine for a long time. It is a strong material and processed in a unique way so that its color cannot get faded away. You can wear a designer coat for men anywhere though its shine will not be compromised. But you need to make sure that after a time of use, you are enabling proper care and conditioner. Real leather can survive for years yet it will look like a new product.


You should always store leather jackets or coats away from excessive sunlight otherwise, heat will dry the leather and small cracks will be visible.


These are the top 5 myths we were carrying with us for years. Now, Alen Cooper has revealed the truth. As we have promised to keep our customers and visitors well informed always, it is our duty to share all the truths and clear the traditional misconceptions. So, keep these facts n your concern before availing women’s and men’s luxury designer coats and jackets.


Hope you have found this blog helpful!



It is hard to predict what the weather will be in all day. In Germany, weather is unpredictable and people get confused that what they should wear to perform their day to day task and look good! In winter, maybe the morning is Sunny and not that much cold outside but when you are returning home in the afternoon there are snow hail and too much cold for you! This kind of situation is quite common in Germany and too much irritation. Today Alen Cooper is sharing some effective tips so that you can dress perfectly, look nice and adjust with any weather changes easily.

Lets’ begin then, begin with Alen Cooper-

Where are you going?

This is the first thing that you need to consider before choosing your winter dress. If you are going to the office, school or college, your appeal should be formal. Previously leather jackets and coats were not accepted as formal outerwear but nowadays, you can always these winter jackets and coats everywhere. But you cannot wear a biker jacket, or funky metal studded jackets at any formal place. Normal mid-length leather jacket with long sleeves and stand collar is perfect for any work and education place.

Pay attention to the color

In winter, basically, you can wear any color according to your choice. It is the ideal time to wear shiny colors that we usually avoid in summer. There are various types of jackets with various color options for you. Nowadays, colors are becoming unisex, I mean, no matter you are male or female, you can wear the color you like without losing your style value. Red leather jacket for men is now trending and you can have an experiment with it. You can pair it with pure denim, black or white pant and whiskey color sunglass.

For bike trips choose biker jackets

Winter is the best place to have some fun with friends and go for long bike trips, obviously if there is no snow falling! Maybe snow is there but cold wind gust, dust and chances of falling injuries are always there when you are riding a bike no matter how expert rider you are. You can easily protect yourself from all these hazards if you wear a protective leather biker jacket. Generally, the best leather biker jackets for men and women have quilts in shoulder and chest areas, long sleeves and the perfect length. Perfect length does not make the rider uneasy during riding, long sleeves protect the hands from getting cold (often too much cold wind makes the hands senseless and rider loss the control over bike handles and brake), and quilted cheat and shoulder area from cold wind and falling injuries, actually there is a layer between you and outerwear world. And that layer stops the outer harms to come in contact with you.

Full sleeve or half sleeve

The days have gone when people only wear leather jackets with long sleeves. Now you can wear a stylish sleeveless leather jacket too. There are a lot of sleeveless pure leather puffer jackets available in the market. These jackets are best for spring and late winter days. You can enjoy the comfortable warmth and protection without feeling suffocated inside.

Pick the perfect length

How will you look that also depends on the length of the outerwear! If you pick too long jackets in the less cold winter days, you will simply look awkward. Along with this, your height also matters and you should choose the jacket which finely matches your height. If you cannot decide the perfect length, you can easily ask the retailer for the help or get free online quotation service from the site you are going to purchase.

Choose the right size

Leather jackets are available in various size and colors and you should choose the right size. Generally, there are some common sizes (XS to XXXL) but if you do not fit in these sizes properly, you can go for the customized option. You know that perfect fit always boosts the beauty.

These are the basic 6 things that you need to care before selecting your winter wear in Germany. If you are in search of stylish real leather jackets this fall, you can visit us. Just by exploring our site, you will have an idea about our collection. You can visit us offline too. From the best leather biker jackets for women to real leather parka- we have everything for you. Along with these, we offer exciting discount around the year.

Visit us soon!


Riding a bike is the most common wish of most of the modern men and women. It saves time and adds undeniable pace to life. Since the Second World War time, the bike is in the practice and day by day the number of bike users is getting high. Riding a bike is no doubt a great job but it requires a lot of safety measures. You need to concentrate properly otherwise any kind of accident can take place. Small injuries have become an integral part of the regular bike riders. If you are a regular bike rider, this blog can help you to protect yourself properly. Here you will get the clues to protect yourself from the road and weather hazards.


Some tips to safely ride a bike


Whenever you ride a bike, you should wear a helmet with a protective face shield. Without helmet protection, you are five times more likely to sustain a head injury.


Wear the right gear


You should wear the right gear and clothing so that you can minimize the amount of injury in case of an accident or skid. Along with these, you can wear leather clothing, boots with nonskid soles to protect yourself from severe injuries.


During the Second World War, riding a bike was the very common requirement for the U.S military and to ensure the protection, Irving Schott designed the biker jackets for them. Biker jackets are protective as well as highly stylish. Nowadays, women’s leather biker jackets are also available hugely in the market.


Obey the traffic rules


You should keep the proper documents with you always. And you must follow the local traffic rules. If you are unaware of the rules rightly, you can ask your known one or can simply Google it.


Do not rush


You should avoid the unwanted rush in your life. Adding extreme pace always leads to severe accidents. You should always ride in control. You should never put unnecessary tension to the nerves especially when you are riding a motorcycle.


Check the bike’s health


It is another most important thing that you need to do on a regular basis. Before setting off from your place you should check the health of the motorcycle. After a time, you can check it by a professional. In this way, you will keep your motorcycle healthy and your journey safe. You can make a routine of checking tires, under the bike, headlight, signals, hydraulic and coolant fluids, clutch, brakes, and horn on a regular basis.


What can Alen Cooper do for your safety?


Well, proper riding training, professional checkups for the motorcycle- you have to manage by yourself. And you cannot neglect these as these are truly important to ensure safety. What Alen Cooper can do for your safety is it can offer you the right biker jacket according to your choice.


We know that biker jackets are no more only for safety as it adds a great style value. Nowadays, biker jackets and motorcycle have become just commonplace. There are a few lefts who yet unaware of the leather biker jackets. Nowadays, both men and women ride a motorcycle. And we offer jackets for both men and women. We have a wide collection of the best leather biker jackets for men and women.


Specialties of our leather biker jacket:


First of all, with us, you will get 100% real leather jacket. And you know that how much amazing real leather is. It has breathable properties and soft texture; you will feel adding warmth for all the time. It does create any suffocating condition for the wearer.


Secondly, biker jackets have a particular length (varies men and women). And we completely maintain that. You can ride a bike for hours with our jacket although there will be no wrinkle on the jacket texture.


Thirdly, these jackets are properly quilted in the chest, back and shoulder areas. These quilts offer protection from the small falling injuries.


Fourthly, it has long sleeves. It has been noticed that people face a problem with the sleeve length. You need to keep your hands constant on the handles but if the sleeves are uncomfortable, your grip will automatically lose, your concentration will be diverted and all these lead to serious accidents. But we offer exactly the right sleeves to ensure your comfort and protection. Along with these, we have customization service too, if you cannot find your right size from our collection, you can craft one for you with us. All you need to do is just send us the right size chart of your shape and we will craft the best one for you.


Fifth and finally, we offer a wide range of collection. There are a lot of size and color variations. You can pick the right one for you.


Now you can get leather biker jackets both online and offline. Now we are offering shipment within 24 hours. So, just order, wait a while, and get your product!


Stay connected to know the discount and other offers!



The study, classes, exam preparation, presentations, and so many other things are there for you when you are in a high school course. In this much pressure, there is only one Prom night that can make you feel school days are not that much worse! All the high school seniors wait for this event for a long time. Dance, drinks, food, and date- all are there to make the day rather entire course remember-worthy for the lifetime. This day demands to be perfect from all the areas. The venue, lights, arrangements, and even your dress- everything needs to be perfect!

Prom mainly takes place during late winter or spring time. There is cold outside. But cold cannot let you compromise your style this year at all! That’s because Now Alen Cooper is here with its amazing winter collection of fur, leather, and shearling. Now you can create your own style statement without taking anyone’s help.

If you want to add some elegant touch in your presence and dressing style, you should not miss leather, fur or shearling. From the very beginning, these products are accepted as the elegant options for the high-class people of society. In the Victorian era, only the royal people and high-class people of the society were allowed to wear leather and fur products. Fur is in the practice since the Stone Age, its incredible warmth and good insulation power have made it popular in all the eras. Leather jackets were invited into the genre during the Second World War time and the very first style was Bomber. Shearling is also an old player like leather and fur. All these products are really good to beat the cold without losing style value.

We know that with the same and regular style, people get bored. Although there are some traditional designs for which people still get Gaga. We have both- the traditional evergreen styles and unique modern designs. You can dress up yourself according to your choice. But before crafting your own style statement you should keep a fact in your concern and that is with any kind of alternative product, creating the same and desired elegant appeal is never possible. Synthetic alternatives are in the market due to its cheap price. But the increased global warming and environmental pollution are stopping people from buying these products. These are also harmful to health. By wearing these alternatives for a long time, people feel suffocated and skin rashes, bumps, allergies, itching and redness come for sure. Along with these, they can accompany you just for one to two years. Real products seem apparently expensive but offer benefits for quite a long time, even for decades if you care properly.

Now we should come to the designs and models, we presently have to make your prom celebration more exciting.

If you are a real leather lover, we have numbers of choices for you. You can try our double-breasted leather jackets, small collar jackets, best prom blazers, moto jackets, and other mid-length jackets. If you want to add some sparks in these jackets, we can offer you real leather jackets raccoon fur collar (short and long) jackets.

If fur is the first priority, we have the rabbit, chinchilla, raccoon, and mink fur items for you. We have Eskimo styled highly stylish coats with various color options, vests, and over-sized coats. These are lightweight, easy to carry and instantly make you look classy.

Shearling is another great choice for prom night celebration. Cow-boy style to oversized shawl collar shearling coats- we have everything for you. Our latest collection will impress you and we can claim that!

In case if you have some unique design in your mind, you should not hesitate to share us. We offer customization service too. We have teams of expert designers and manufacturers. They will listen to your criteria and craft accordingly. But for that purpose, you have to give us some time (two to three weeks). Now we offer one-day shipment so that our customers can get the best service from us. So, you can expect your prom outerwear just within one to two days.

We have an easy return policy too! If you don’t like the ordered item or find some fitting problem, you can return that to us and order another one. You can visit us offline too to enjoy the free trails. So, don’t wait, come to us, explore and pick the best one and make your prom night more special!


“Life isn’t perfect but your leather jacket can be”

Yes, so many up and downs we have in our life although we girls conquer like a queen. But we find ourselves in a great dilemma when it comes to picking the best one from the trend. You know that leather is classy as well as elegant choice always. But which models are ruling the trend knowing that is little bit tricky but now you can know that with Alen Cooper. Today, I am going to share the top ten real leather jackets for women here. So, ladies, take your snacks and drink, find a comfortable corner, sit and let’s start the discussion-

The very first style, I am going to talk about is Mid-length puffy leather jacket with detachable raccoon fur collar in grey. It belongs to Alen Cooper’s latest collection. If you want a completely classy as well as stylish appearance, you must go for this model. This model is unique in color as well as in style. The real raccoon fur collar, long sleeves, asymmetrical zipper closure- all in one alignment make it super attractive in this fall. It has a parallel quilt all over the body and it ensures cold, wind and injury protection. There are a lot of size variations so that maximum women can enjoy its elegant charm. You can wear it during the day time and it’s also perfect for the afternoon to evening dates. This is the very first style that Alen Cooper is suggesting you stay warm without losing the style value a bit in this fall in Germany.

This is the second leather jacket belongs to Alen Cooper’s latest winter collection that you can wear this fall. If you are a woman and prefer to ride a bike or like that sturdy biker look, this is the perfect choice for you. You can wear it during the springtime too. Its double-breasted style, moto appeal, long sleeves, and asymmetrical zipper closure are there to offer you an attractive appeal. Day time long drive to late night party with friends- you can carry it everywhere. You can pair with slim fit denim or any tight pant in black and rock the trend!

If you are a woman who prefers to create her own style statement, it is the perfect outerwear that you can experiment with in this winter. You know that fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. Fur collar jackets and overcoats with long collar are common but a mid-length jacket with mid-length fur collar probably the unique one of the season that you can hardly match at anywhere else! To create your own style regime and to look out of the box, this is a perfect choice. It does not only offer an extreme style value but also keeps the wearer warm even in the minus temperature. The texture is impressively smooth and easy to carry for a longer time of span, the sleeves are long enough and there is front zipper closure to secure the fit. You may get it in other colors and sizes too.

This is the best thing that you can try in this winter. It is a completely unique real leather outerwear. You may have seen the normal front or asymmetrical zipper closure. But this one is completely different as it has an Italic zipper closure and if you keep the zipper open, you will completely enjoy a different style. During the open zipped time, you will get a front open look yet the nicked area will be covered. Isn’t that amazing?

Along with this, soft and smooth texture, long quilted sleeves and perfect fit will be there as mandatory attributes.

If you are in search of the latest stylish ladies leather biker jacket in Germany, it is the perfect pick for you. Till date, you are familiar with the plan textured double-breasted jackets but this one slightly unique in manner. It has metal studded all over the body and creating a rock punk look. During the late 1900s, some female rock stars have enabled this type of jackets and still those jackets have high fashion value. Afternoon date to late night party- you can carry it everywhere. Adding warm, adding injury protection and adding style-value- all you will get in this single jacket.

These are the top five ladies leather jacket that you can enjoy this fall even in Germany. We are ready to make your winter more sensational as well as enjoyable with our latest collection. There are yet so many unturned stones to turn, just visit our site and explore our new arrival. Now we are offering to ship within 24 hours. Along with these, we have an easy and complication-free return policy.

So, come, explore, and grab the best deal of the day!


The leather is a durable material, it still needs some care. Leather jackets are easy to clean and you can get the shiny effect back just after a few scrubs. Even if there is some mud in your jacket though you can clean it easily than any other type of cloth. It can bear thorns and twigs whereas the same can rip other clothes. There are countless benefits that you can enjoy with a real leather jacket. But to ensure that for a long period you need to care the outerwear properly. We all know where to buy the best jackets and coats, how to fix which model with our outfit but most of us still unaware of the right techniques of leather care.

If there is any strong stain on the jacket or you are completely amateur, you should take the help from a professional at the first move than applying your own DIY techniques. Or you can follow our instructions. But there are some general yet effective techniques that all the leather outerwear users are suggested to follow.

Today Alen Cooper will share some leather care tips with you so that you can enjoy our products for a longer time of span-

If your outerwear come in contact with any salt deposit or if there is any stain you should remove that as soon as possible. You can use damp cotton clothes to remove the stain. After that, you can apply a stain protector to save the product from the future water spots and other stains. If you want you can spray odor and colorless aerosol to prevent any kind of damage.
To clear the stains when you are using damp cotton cloth, try to use lukewarm water. All you need to do is just take a cotton piece, dip in into lukewarm water and then rub in on the stain. You need to make it sure that the entire procedure is gentle from start to finish.
After washing the leather jacket or coat, you need to dry it. You can use e damp sponge or simply hang it inside the room, direct sun exposure is not good for leather’s health. You need to strictly avoid blow dryers, heat vents and other heat sources. If you find that your jacket becomes dry or there are some wrinkles on the jacket, you can condition it.

You cannot just fold the jacket and place it inside the closet. If you do, you will ruin the shape of the jacket and there will be a lot of wrinkles on the texture. There are long and padded hangers to hang leather jackets properly. And your closet needs to be spacious so that your outerwear can get enough places to hang properly.
If it is possible you should place the jacket in a breathable bag. Using a plastic bag can damage the quality of the outerwear.
Too much humidity, sunray, or too dry place is not good for leather. Along with these, you should not use any regular household cleanser. You can only use the suggested products by the manufacturer.

Real leather jackets for men and women are e really expensive and true match to create a sensational style statement. You know that real leather products are expensive but their durability satisfy your investment.

These are some basic rules that you need to include in your maintenance regime. If you care properly a jacket from us can accompany you for years (even from generation to the next generation).

Hope you have found this blog helpful!


Your high school graduation maybe is just days away! You are going to take a break and enjoy some quality times with your friends and family! And soon you will take admission in the further education course. But there is another thing for which you are feeling damn excited inside- we know and that is the upcoming Prom celebration. 100 years ago, Prom was born in this US and has spread to the other parts of the world. Most of the students are concern about a fact and that is what they are going to wear on that special day.

We, Alen Cooper, have come with some exciting ideas that will make your party look just perfect. We know that there is cold outside but you need to look better than ever. In order to look gorgeous as well as attractive, you cannot compromise with your health. Cold, cough and other late winter health issues are too much puzzling and you will miss your vacation by lying on the bed. Now with Alen Cooper, you can dress amazingly and boost the sensation without feeling the cold and fall sick.

Maybe there is a lot of dressing ideas are there to make the prom night more exciting. But if you want to add some elegance there, you simply cannot ignore the charm of real fur. Even Hollywood celebs prefer to wear real fur vests, collar, jackets, and coats to look classy and to protect the health from the too cold winter.

In the countries where winter is too cold and even in some days, temperature runs in minus there people need extra protection from the cold, snow, and wind. There is a lot of winter outerwear available but a few are capable to keep the wearer properly warm even in the minus temperature without feeling suffocated inside. Wearing real fur has some undeniable benefits, such as-

It has breathable properties and does not provoke suffocation
It has amazing insulation capability and that’s why it is able to keep the wearer comfortable regardless of the temperature change
It is soft and smooth. It feels great when one wear!
Now real fur outerwear is lightweight! In the previous days, these jackets and coats were heavier. But modern technology has cut the adding weight off.

These are some benefits that you can wear real fur. But what fur outerwear to wear this Prom- maybe you are thinking this. You need not get puzzled. All you can do is you can take some time, open our website and easily explore our latest fur collection. Generally, Alen Cooper deals with the raccoon, chinchilla, and rabbit fur. And you know that how much popular this fur options are in the US.

Prom dress ideas

You can wear any hot prom party dress you want but you should not forget to pair it with protective winter outerwear. You know that leather and fur are elegant winter outerwear options. To make your party look classier than ever, we have enabled some leather and fur combination such as you can try our Demi leather jacket with long raccoon fur collar or double-breasted leather jacket with stylish fur collar.


If you want the only fur, you can easily go with the Eskimo styled real fur jackets and coats. There are color variations which will make your presence more attractive to others. Those jackets are lightweight, easy pull-on style, and you can wear them for a too long period without feeling suffocated inside as real fur has amazing insulation power. Apart from these, we have shearling and fur combination too. You can check out our over-sized shawl collar shearling coats or cowboy styled shearling coat for a different yet attractive look.

If you have any other choice and want to make that a bit classier, just add a fur collar there. We have some colorful real fur collars so that you can easily craft your own style statement. And you know that exploration gives birth to something amazing. Or if you have some unique prom dress fur coat ideas in your mind, you can directly contact us. Our expert designers will help you to find the best one for you. We also deliver customized services too. And in that case, we need two to three weeks (production and quality check).

And the last secret we want to share is that we always offer some discount offers! To grab them visit our site, collect the coupon code, select the item and then apply the coupon code during payment!

So, come with us, explore the latest collection, grab the best one, and just rule the prom party!


There is only one way to look handsome instantly and that is wearing a real leather jacket. It blows the masculine military vibes or the dudes simply want to look a better version of him with the leather jacket’s layering potential. Since the Second World War time, the leather jacket has been holding a crucial place in the fashion industry. Most of the men are just gaga about the real leather jackets. And after the mid-1900s, women too started to wear leather outerwear. Now both men and women are enjoying leather coats and jackets and other clothing. But before you run out and start splurging on one item this season, here are some important things you need to know-

Leather Aviator jacket is the old player and still holds higher style value. With the days and experiment, the fashion world has introduced some different types of leather aviator jackets to our winter wardrobe. And all of them hold the undeniable stunning appeal.

Rare Navy leather jackets

A pared-back version of the leather jacket in Navy color should hold the top place in your preference list. Without any doubt, it is the best and easiest form of a leather aviator to wear in these days. Here you can enjoy slimmer body with no zipped pockets; for a casual day out you can pair it with selvedge denim, tracksuit bottoms, wide-leg chinos or tailored trousers. The choice is yours! Previously these jackets were not of real leather. But nowadays, the leather experts are also engaging the royal navy color in their regime too. And that’s why getting the navy leather aviator jacket is no more a hard job.

Yes, it is true that leather is a timeless fashion though you need to be careful to buy a leather jacket. It has been noticed that a lot of people pick the wrong one and that’s why you need to be more careful and aim for a quality hide that will simply get better with age along with the fit which is slim but not restricting.

V-bomber jackets

This kind of jacket is dating since WWII time and people still are in love with it. You just cannot deny its unbelievable warmth capacity and instant appearance changing virtue. No matter where you are going, a leather aviator jacket can accompany you always without compromising the style value. Along with this, the leather offers great insulator effects. In other words, it can be said if you go to a warm place from the too cold place then the bomber jacket will not make you uncomfortable (you will not feel burning inside after getting in a comparatively warm place).

Bomber jacket with a soft collar

In the previous days, bomber jackets were without any fur collar. But later after, people started to wear a combination of leather and fur in a great way. But nowadays, leather jackets with fur collar are trending options. Stylish fur or fur trim collar is with the aviator jackets nowadays to ensure adding warmth, cold protection, and style.

It has been noticed that most of the buyers commit the purchase without properly knowing the returns. It is not that only for the style value you cannot invest hugely your hard earned money. There must be some other benefits which really worth the investment. Let’s explore those-

Incredible warmth

These jackets are gaining popularity since the Second World War time. These jackets are able to provide exceptional warmth to aircrew that sometimes flew at altitudes above 30,000 feet. The crimp of sheepskin creates insulating air spaces and allows the jacket to retain the body heat even during winter’s worst. Along with this, it has breathable properties which keep the wearer fresh for a long day.

Enhanced durability

The high price tag may lead you towards dilemma. The high price tag makes the buyers feel reluctant to invest in the jackets. But the durability, these jackets come with really deserves the investment. If you properly take care of the jackets then they can accompany you for decades. Even Alen Cooper continuously hears back from the clients who have been wearing the leather jackets for years and it is still in proper shape.

Water resistant

Generally, sheepskin is naturally water resistant. The fibers in the jacket contain sturdy water repellent layer and it prevents water from reaching inside the core. Without getting dump, these cores can absorb moist vapor. With the humidity absorbing and water repellent ability, sheepskin acts like a thermal regulating material.

Moisture wicking

In a wide variety of climates, it can keep you warm and dry perfectly. Its moisture-wicking feature helps to carry it anywhere without worrying about the weather. It can also wick away moisture from the wearer’s skin.

Multi-climate comfort

In order to beat the too cold winter, there is no better alternative than the leather aviator jackets. This jacket is quite versatile too. Its advanced breathability and moisture-wicking properties help you to wear this jacket in spring too. No matter where you are going- for a light hike in spring or shoveling snow, this leather aviator jacket helps you to stay cool and dry.

These are the ultimate benefits that you are going to enjoy with a stylish leather jacket. In order to avail a jacket with high style value and comfort, you can visit us both online and offline.


From the Second World War time, common people have been hunting leather jackets. There are so many outerwear items which get popular but after a time, people just forget them. But the leather jacket is completely different. It seems that people have fallen in love with leather jackets and that love is eternal. Decades change, fashion changes and even the century changes but the leather was the priority, is the priority, and will be the priority! The leather outerwear is timeless.

There are so many types and style are available in the market. But it sounds classier when it is about women’s leather motorcycle jacket. Actually, men and motorcycle were commonplace during the Second World War time. In order to perform inside the war tanks and to beat the cold, military men used to wear a leather bomber jacket. But after some time, in order to perform more carefully, they required the help of motorcycles.

Riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. It requires proper training, interruption-free concentration, and body strength. The bad weather conditions such as snow, cold wind or some injuries (can take place due to fall during riding) can interrupt your concentration. It has been noticed that due to too much cold wind, bikers cannot properly drive on the road and this often lead to devastating accidents. Apart from this, riding bikes in too cold weather can make the rider fall sick. When riding a bike has become the necessity in the U.S military then they feel the need for protective outerwear. Irving Schott has first designed the motorcycle leather jacket for the U.S military men.

After the war, common people started to adopt this style in their everyday style. That’s because they too were inspired by the bike riding and availed some bikes for their day to day use. For them, all the interruptions were the same as the military men. And that’s why they too started to wear the leather outerwear.

It is not that leather biker jackets were only popular for the protection purpose. But it also has a great style value. From the WWII, leather outerwear is a hot option in the world of fashion and style. From the Hollywood celebrities to the common man, everyone is in love with the leather products.

The leather products are considered as the sign of class and elegance. During the Victorian era, only the royal people can afford these products. Generally, leather products are expensive. Actually, you may panic at the first moment by hearing the price range but then you will not panic definitely. Actually, when we go for any synthetic alternative then we can avail it instead of a small amount. But in the next year, you have to run for another outerwear for sure. That’s because alternatives do not run for a longer time of span and just a wash can take away all its glamour instantly. But with the leather products such as leather jackets, coats or boots, you do not have to face this kind of situation. If you properly care your leather products then it can easily accompany you for decades. Even a maintained leather jacket can easily run from one generation to the next generation.

The female leather jacket is the outcome of some modernization in the women’s fashion world. During the 1970s, some female rock bands have introduced the use of leather jackets with some rock punk look in the society. Billy Idle and Blondie started to wear customized leather jackets during their band shows and then this style became viral. In this 2019, regardless of the gender, everyone prefers to wear leather outerwear especially in the countries where winter is too cold and snowy.

The leather is gentle, has breathable properties, soft and comfortable and that’s why women like it this much! Actually, women have found it as a great way of style and comfort in one alignment. Just a real leather jacket can make your simple look instantly elegant.

There is nothing specific that only limited to men! Even when the main concern is style! Without any doubt, the leather outerwear is an iconic style statement and that cannot be limited to men only. In all the fields of growth and improvement, women are taking part rather they are succeeding! Then why they will be far from the leather jackets! A woman with cool leather outerwear, full of confidence, and smile in her lips, look hotter than a volcano!

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