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Wearing a leather jacket is one of the comfortable ways to match the vibes of the modern trend in fashion.  No matter you are in 2019 or 2050, real leather will have a place in every era. It is basically timeless and as a proof, we can say that since the Second World War time, leather is in the genre without losing its sparks a bit. And that’s amazing.

We have no better alternative in our box. It is sad but true. If you are in search of an effective alternative of real leather, you will never get. Maybe there are synthetic alternatives but those are not up to the mark. They cannot offer you the same level of comfort and elegance that a real leather piece can.

In our previous blogs, you will notice that we have mentioned and elaborated the benefits of leather in detail so that you can understand which to shop and from where. Incredible warmth, amazing smoothness, and comfort, classy appearance, multi-climate protection and so many benefits are there when we choose real leather jacket over other options.

The very first leather jacket was bomber and we can also call it flight or aviator jacket. In those war days, there was extremely cold outside though they have to accelerate their activities without and rest. In that highly sensitive war time, the U.S militants feel the need for outerwear which is both incredibly warm and comfortable so that they can perform their tasks without facing any interruption. They used to stay inside the war tank for hours even for days. The extreme cold outside, sensitive war time, work pressure- these all are there to make their life pathetic but thanks to the leather aviator jackets which has added extreme level of comfort, warmth, and pace to their work. After wearing real leather flight jacket they did not feel cold, they were warm and happy.

The warmth and classy appearance of these leather jackets have inspired the common people too and they have started to copy the U.S militant’s winter outerwear. After a time, these jackets became everyone’s cup of tea.

These aviator jackets are trendy too and it will never go out of fashion. You know that fashion changes continuously but style does not. But there are some items which are constant in fashion regime, they had rocked the last century and they will rock this century too.

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to wear aviator jackets with fur trim and that’s why Alen Cooper is attaching real raccoon or rabbit or fox fur collar and other fur lines so that you can enjoy the style at its peak. If you want to explore the collection, please browse our listing. Or you can directly visit us. Apart from these, in a lot of popular online shopping portals, our products are available and you can get from there too.

Now we are offering real leather jackets for sale at a reasonable price. You can use the coupon code to get the instant flat discount on each purchase.  Along with this, we also offer free shipment to other countries. So, no matter where you are, if you purchase our product, we will reach that at your place just within seven to eight business days.

So, do not waste your time, do shop leather jackets and let trend start with you!


Frostbite on the face and body is not a cool thing it can injure you and make you fall sick. Winter and frostbite are just commonplace in some colder countries where during the winter time, nature looks all white. White snow is all around may seem good to you but it is not that much beautiful if you have to step out of the home and perform some mandatory tasks on a regular basis. Sometimes there is speedy snow hail and the snow is wet, it can make you instantly wet and you will feel tremendous cold. To deal with this kind of winter situation, the parka has been around for years as a savior. Among all the winter leather outerwear, parka jackets have the top place in people’s wish list.


Leather parka jacket has all the fine benefits that you expect from real leather outerwear. The same level of warmth and comfort you will get with a parka jacket. But the added benefit is that it will not let wet snow make you wet! Its synthetic or polyester outer side do not let water pass inside and make the wearer wet even after spending some time in the midst of snow. You will notice that people who play some snow games they prefer to wear parka jackets so that they can enjoy the snow, avoid the cold without feeling cold and getting wet.

 [/caption]Alen Cooper also offers amazing parka jackets for both men and women. We know that it is cold outside and sometimes year misses the summer- heartbreaking yet it is true. And that’s why we need to arrange all types of outerwears that our customers need in all the seasons.


Specialties of leather parka jackets of Alen Cooper


Available in various sizes
Lightweight yet warm
Full sleeve
Properly water resistant
Various designs and colors
You can carry it anywhere
New fur collar and hood additions
Protective as moto jackets

These are the main benefits that you can expect from a parka jacket. We have both parka coat and jackets for you. Women’s fur parka coat is a trending option nowadays and presently that is available in our store. If you want to buy, meet us physically at Green Acres mall or you can simply browse our website. Here you will get a world of modern collection. Actually, we let our customers create their own style statement and that’s why we always try to enable new collection at every new season. With us, you will enjoy the sound discount too! Generally, we offer coupon codes to offer our customers some exclusive discounts. In order to get the coupon codes, you should browse our website regularly or you can do subscribe to us and we will let you know about our discount and new arrival updates. We also offer customization service, if you have some specific design or changes or want a piece exact your size- you can contact us and within two to three weeks you will get your desired item.



Fur is not for the only winter! Now it is spring’s cup of tea too! You know that two centuries ago, the world had already experienced a year without summer. At that time, May-June did not get the required warmth and it was below freezing near about all the day in May in England and Europe. Actually, the weather is unpredictable and hardly follows any rule. It is just like a teenage girl who loves to be herself completely.

You too can be yourself without any worry. Neither weather nor outerwear will stop you if you take some smart steps while choosing the best winter to spring outerwear. In the countries where winter is too cold and snow is everywhere there, you cannot depend on flimsy winter wears. You need to choose the best one which is comfortable and enough protective. We know that real fur is a great choice but we do not try fur in spring yet there is cold. We miss a lot of elegance in the spring!

There are a lot of ways to wear real fur in spring especially when the temperature is near ten degrees. Cold, cough, and fever are so common in the springtime and these mainly happen when we do not wear the right cloth and take the right food. After too cold winter, in the spring the temperature may get high but that does not indicate to leave the house without any outerwear. You know that there are various kinds of outerwears available in the market which are light, comfortable, elegant and just perfect less cold spring days.

The very first option is a cropped jacket. This can be of both leather and fur. Along with it, there are similar Eskimo style rabbit fur jackets- you can wear it both buttoned and unbuttoned according to the cold.

If you want no jacket or coat at all yet you need some warmth in the shoulder area, you can wear detachable fur collar by matching your outfit. It will give you a unique as well as very stylish look. There are various color real fur collars are available in our site. This fur is impressively soft and incredibly warm.

Or you can take a long fur collar and wrap it like a scarf. A lot of celebrities do this simple addition in their outfit and appear more sensational than ever.

You know that real fur has amazing insulation power and that’s why you can easily wear at any time. Generally, when people go with a faux or woolen option, they feel burning like the sensation when they enter in a less cold place from a too cold place. But with fur, you will not face this kind of situation due to its insulation capacity.

For an elegant yet dramatic appeal, nothing can beat the charm of real fur outerwear. In order to get the latest winter outerwear at the right price, you can browse our site or can directly visit us.


It is hard to predict what the weather will be in all day. In Germany, weather is unpredictable and people get confused that what they should wear to perform their day to day task and look good! In winter, maybe the morning is Sunny and not that much cold outside but when you are returning home in the afternoon there are snow hail and too much cold for you! This kind of situation is quite common in Germany and too much irritation. Today Alen Cooper is sharing some effective tips so that you can dress perfectly, look nice and adjust with any weather changes easily.

Lets’ begin then, begin with Alen Cooper-

Where are you going?

This is the first thing that you need to consider before choosing your winter dress. If you are going to the office, school or college, your appeal should be formal. Previously leather jackets and coats were not accepted as formal outerwear but nowadays, you can always these winter jackets and coats everywhere. But you cannot wear a biker jacket, or funky metal studded jackets at any formal place. Normal mid-length leather jacket with long sleeves and stand collar is perfect for any work and education place.

Pay attention to the color

In winter, basically, you can wear any color according to your choice. It is the ideal time to wear shiny colors that we usually avoid in summer. There are various types of jackets with various color options for you. Nowadays, colors are becoming unisex, I mean, no matter you are male or female, you can wear the color you like without losing your style value. Red leather jacket for men is now trending and you can have an experiment with it. You can pair it with pure denim, black or white pant and whiskey color sunglass.

For bike trips choose biker jackets

Winter is the best place to have some fun with friends and go for long bike trips, obviously if there is no snow falling! Maybe snow is there but cold wind gust, dust and chances of falling injuries are always there when you are riding a bike no matter how expert rider you are. You can easily protect yourself from all these hazards if you wear a protective leather biker jacket. Generally, the best leather biker jackets for men and women have quilts in shoulder and chest areas, long sleeves and the perfect length. Perfect length does not make the rider uneasy during riding, long sleeves protect the hands from getting cold (often too much cold wind makes the hands senseless and rider loss the control over bike handles and brake), and quilted cheat and shoulder area from cold wind and falling injuries, actually there is a layer between you and outerwear world. And that layer stops the outer harms to come in contact with you.

Full sleeve or half sleeve

The days have gone when people only wear leather jackets with long sleeves. Now you can wear a stylish sleeveless leather jacket too. There are a lot of sleeveless pure leather puffer jackets available in the market. These jackets are best for spring and late winter days. You can enjoy the comfortable warmth and protection without feeling suffocated inside.

Pick the perfect length

How will you look that also depends on the length of the outerwear! If you pick too long jackets in the less cold winter days, you will simply look awkward. Along with this, your height also matters and you should choose the jacket which finely matches your height. If you cannot decide the perfect length, you can easily ask the retailer for the help or get free online quotation service from the site you are going to purchase.

Choose the right size

Leather jackets are available in various size and colors and you should choose the right size. Generally, there are some common sizes (XS to XXXL) but if you do not fit in these sizes properly, you can go for the customized option. You know that perfect fit always boosts the beauty.

These are the basic 6 things that you need to care before selecting your winter wear in Germany. If you are in search of stylish real leather jackets this fall, you can visit us. Just by exploring our site, you will have an idea about our collection. You can visit us offline too. From the best leather biker jackets for women to real leather parka- we have everything for you. Along with these, we offer exciting discount around the year.

Visit us soon!


Maybe your perfect prom dress search has been over and presently you are in need of the perfect shoe pair for that very day. Your entire appearance needs to be jaw-dropping and you are thinking of the same since the middle school days. If you are searching for the perfect prom shoes, you should keep your dress type, design, color, and length in concern. If you shop offline, try to take a picture of your dress with you and it will help you to pick the best pair from the store. For online shopping, you can do the same. Apart from these, Alen Cooper can offer you three effective tips which will help you to pick the best pair easily. let’s start-

Glam or sophisticated?

Before picking shoe pair, make sure exactly what your dress looks like- is it look super glitz and glam or simple yet elegant? It is a great factor that you need to consider before picking the shoes for almost all kinds of parties and gatherings. If your dress is glitz and glam in look, you can go for the comparatively less elaborated shoe pair; the shoe can have a strap for closure and fit near the ankle area. If your dress is simple yet elegant, you can add some glamour to your feet by choosing fully dazzled pump or the shoes which are super strappy and shiny. Here you will enjoy the same sophisticated look just with an adding dash of flash. If you consider your dress sits between the glam and simple tag, you can pay attention to the color of the shoes as it can act as the ultimate game changer otherwise it may shatter the entire deal!

Choose the right color

It is the second important fact that you need to consider. Many experts suggest going for a neutral color when it comes to picking the best prom shoes. It helps the dress to get blended with the shoes instead of forced to go together! Along with this, I can say that neutral color go with all kind of dresses. So, you will not feel awkward before entering the prom party about your look. You can walk boldly and enter with a high confidence level. You know that confidence is the best thing which can boost the beauty of a woman. Most common neutral colors are silver, gold, black and beige. To get a bit surer and to match perfectly you can keep a swatch with you whenever you go for online or offline shopping.

Check the size of the heel

After getting a shoe pair which satisfies the above criteria, now it comes to checking its size of the heel. The party will be for a long time and you should not pick anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel serious pain in your legs. If you are choosing high heel, you should keep it in your concern that how much time you will be there and along with this, you have to walk nicely and dance. So, the shoe pair needs to be comfortable for you. You should never entertain any discouragement during shopping. After getting the right dress and shoes, you will accelerate towards jewelry! You are getting steps more closure to a perfect prom night.


If you are planning to buy prom shoes, you can visit us. Presently we are at Green Acres Mall, you can come and explore our huge party shoe collection. If you have no time in your hand, you can visit our collection online. We offer attractive discount offers all around the year.

Show off your amazing prom shoes this fall! We are hoping that you will have a great prom night and don’t forget to share your experience with us on our social media accounts. We love to post our happy customers’ pictures on a regular basis!

So, just be a happy part of Alen Cooper!

Have a great day


The study, classes, exam preparation, presentations, and so many other things are there for you when you are in a high school course. In this much pressure, there is only one Prom night that can make you feel school days are not that much worse! All the high school seniors wait for this event for a long time. Dance, drinks, food, and date- all are there to make the day rather entire course remember-worthy for the lifetime. This day demands to be perfect from all the areas. The venue, lights, arrangements, and even your dress- everything needs to be perfect!

Prom mainly takes place during late winter or spring time. There is cold outside. But cold cannot let you compromise your style this year at all! That’s because Now Alen Cooper is here with its amazing winter collection of fur, leather, and shearling. Now you can create your own style statement without taking anyone’s help.

If you want to add some elegant touch in your presence and dressing style, you should not miss leather, fur or shearling. From the very beginning, these products are accepted as the elegant options for the high-class people of society. In the Victorian era, only the royal people and high-class people of the society were allowed to wear leather and fur products. Fur is in the practice since the Stone Age, its incredible warmth and good insulation power have made it popular in all the eras. Leather jackets were invited into the genre during the Second World War time and the very first style was Bomber. Shearling is also an old player like leather and fur. All these products are really good to beat the cold without losing style value.

We know that with the same and regular style, people get bored. Although there are some traditional designs for which people still get Gaga. We have both- the traditional evergreen styles and unique modern designs. You can dress up yourself according to your choice. But before crafting your own style statement you should keep a fact in your concern and that is with any kind of alternative product, creating the same and desired elegant appeal is never possible. Synthetic alternatives are in the market due to its cheap price. But the increased global warming and environmental pollution are stopping people from buying these products. These are also harmful to health. By wearing these alternatives for a long time, people feel suffocated and skin rashes, bumps, allergies, itching and redness come for sure. Along with these, they can accompany you just for one to two years. Real products seem apparently expensive but offer benefits for quite a long time, even for decades if you care properly.

Now we should come to the designs and models, we presently have to make your prom celebration more exciting.

If you are a real leather lover, we have numbers of choices for you. You can try our double-breasted leather jackets, small collar jackets, best prom blazers, moto jackets, and other mid-length jackets. If you want to add some sparks in these jackets, we can offer you real leather jackets raccoon fur collar (short and long) jackets.

If fur is the first priority, we have the rabbit, chinchilla, raccoon, and mink fur items for you. We have Eskimo styled highly stylish coats with various color options, vests, and over-sized coats. These are lightweight, easy to carry and instantly make you look classy.

Shearling is another great choice for prom night celebration. Cow-boy style to oversized shawl collar shearling coats- we have everything for you. Our latest collection will impress you and we can claim that!

In case if you have some unique design in your mind, you should not hesitate to share us. We offer customization service too. We have teams of expert designers and manufacturers. They will listen to your criteria and craft accordingly. But for that purpose, you have to give us some time (two to three weeks). Now we offer one-day shipment so that our customers can get the best service from us. So, you can expect your prom outerwear just within one to two days.

We have an easy return policy too! If you don’t like the ordered item or find some fitting problem, you can return that to us and order another one. You can visit us offline too to enjoy the free trails. So, don’t wait, come to us, explore and pick the best one and make your prom night more special!


The best investment you can make in winter is availing a real leather jacket. All the smart people want to invest in the right way so that they can enjoy the benefits for the long term. Just like investing in wrong mutual funds, people often buy duplicate leather products and waste their hard-earned money. But this guide will help you to buy the real leather at the first move and that will ensure a long time profitable returns.

The leather jacket is in the practice since the Second World War time but still, it is a trendy option that people adore. The very first leather jacket style was Bomber. And then biker jackets (for US military) became popular and later after it spread among the common people. To ensure the adding protection to the bikers, there is no better outerwear option than moto biker jackets.

Leather is always sexy, and you have to wear leather when you ride a bike. It’s more protection, but it also gets you some style points, I think”- Marisa Miller

Apart from the styles and elegance, there are some benefits for you which you will consider buying real leather as a wise investment. Here I want to mention a fact and that is nowadays, a lot of men and women re-styling their grandparents’ leather outerwear and wearing today with high-fashion value. So, you can relate that if you buy an outerwear today you will enjoy its benefits for the lifetime. And for that, you have to care about the product in the right way. You know that care ensures the lifespan and neglect for maintenance can lead the product towards losing its all charm and durability. But when you will know real leather’s amazing benefits, you will regret neglect. So, in the below section, I am putting the most common benefits that you can enjoy through a leather jacket-

Incredible warmth- white is all around; it may seem apparently amazing but without the proper outerwear it can take your sense away and left you ill. Due to too cold days especially when temperature runs in the minus, you need extra protective winter outerwear. Maybe there are so many options available in the market but nothing can beat the uniqueness of real leather outerwear. People prefer real leather over any other option due to its incredible warmth. Just single outerwear can keep you warm as well as comfortable all day. But with the other options such as wool, faux and so on, you may need to wear more than one outerwear to beat the cold. And imagine how awkward you will look with multiple winter outerwear at a time!

Comfort- it is another important fact that is making real leather this much appealing. Generally, during winter, you need to wear outerwear for all day long. And that’s why you need to make it sure that it is comfortable enough. Real leather is incredibly smooth and has breathable properties. It does not make the wearer feel suffocated inside.  With real leather, you will not face any kind of skin problems such as bumps, rashes, itching, and redness that people mainly face the synthetic alternatives.

Highly-stylish option- no matter in which era, you are wearing leather outerwear, you will get the highest style value always. In the Victorian era, only the high-class people of society were able to wear leather and fur products. During the Second World War time, only the military men were these jackets and it conveys the message of something stunning yet bold.

Great durability- a real leather coat or jacket can run for the lifetime. A lot of people are still enjoying their grandparents’ leather outerwear. If you properly care your outerwear, it can accompany you for years. A regime you need to follow on a daily basis to ensure the health of the outerwear and that whenever you return from outside by wearing your coat or jacket, just shake it well to remove the snow and water, hang it inside the room for twenty minutes and then place it inside a spacious closet. If it is possible, buy a jacket or coat hanger to avoid the wrinkles.

Lots of designs- yes, there are a lot of leather outerwear designs are available in the market. You know that leather will never go out of fashion. And that’s why you are getting more design variations. Along with the classy traditional options, now you can enjoy modern designs too. Expert designers are producing all new and exciting models on a regular basis. There was a concept that leather outerwear always comes with long full sleeves but now you can enjoy sleeveless leather jackets too. It will help you to stand out of the box and create your own style statement.

Hope, now you can relate why availing real outerwear is an important investment. But you can enjoy the return only when the product is real. Getting a real product is a tough job as the market is filled with synthetic alternatives. In order to get real products, you can contact us both offline and online. We only deal with real leather, fur, and shearling products. We have our own manufacturing setting and designers to offer our customers the best and unique products.

So, if you are in need of the best place to buy leather jacket, directly come to us and take a dive in the world of leather fashion!


Many people feel reluctant when it comes to buying real fur outerwear due to negative press they often get. The dilemma is everlasting, just like the dilemma continues between non-vegetarian and vegetarian! But what most matters is YOURSELF! If you are happy at the end of the day, we can do better all the good things. Due to the easy availability and cheap price range, synthetic alternatives got huge popularity at the end of 1990 and starting of 2000.

But the increased globalization and harmful effects of the synthetic alternatives have diverted people from the point of interest hugely. In order to produce alternatives, a lot of chemicals need to be used. The production process and the wastage harm the soil, air, and water. It directly contributes the environmental pollution. Apart from this, when these alternatives directly come to the contact of human skin, cause a lot of skin rashes, itching, and bumps. Even you may need to consult a dermatologist and undergo a serious treatment.

Any valid logic to bear these problems?

Not at all!

Animal fur is way safer and does not contribute to global warming and pollution. Real fur may be a little expensive in comparison with the alternatives but the best fact is that animal fur comes with a long life span.

Apart from the lifespan, there are a lot of reasons to invest in real fur this fall. Fur is in the use since the Stone Age and still, it is in high demand. It has been noticed that in the countries where winter is too cold and snowy there fur usage is comparatively higher than others. If we evaluate the reasons here then we can better understand the importance of real fur. So, let’s start-

Amazing Warmth- Still the Stone Age people are just in love with real fur products over any other type of winter clothing. Without being bulky, they can offer you incredible warmth even in the days of too cold winter. You can wear it, just over a T-shirt. There is no need to wear too many clothes to protect the cold and feel warm inside. Real animal fur such as mink or rabbit fur can keep you warm even in the minus temperature. At Alen Cooper, there are so many real mink fur coats for sale presently.

Comfort- It is another great reason for returning to fur products again. Synthetic alternatives are not able to offer you the same level of comfort and soothing experience. On the contrary, when alternatives directly come to contact to skin, can easily cause skin irritation, itching, rashes, and bumps. Along with this, there is no breathable property to keep your skin fresh. But with real fur, you can enjoy proper insulation and comfort at the best level.

Everlasting fashion- generally, we know fashion fades with the time but the style is the constant. But with real fur, this proverb does not match. It has high fashion value since the Stone Age and still, it is just rocking the trend. In the Victorian era, real fur outerwear, vests, collar, and hats were accepted as the symbol of class and elegance. Only the high-status people of society were able to afford these products. Both men and women could wear these fur garments.

Modern Sensation- Fur has never gone out of fashion. And the modern world is just gaga about the real fur outerwear. No matter wherever you are going, fur outerwear can make you more attractive than ever. From Hollywood celebrities to famous models, everyone prefers to wear these fur outerwear. Nowadays, famous magazine covers also come with models who are wearing this kind of outerwear, just to make the cover page more elegant.

These four are the main benefits that you can enjoy by availing real fur outerwear from Alen Cooper.

Alen Cooper is an old and reliable destination for these winter products. It is here for more than a decade. Now you can reach both online and offline.  Here you will get any kind of fur coat for women and men easily at a reasonable price. You can satisfy any kind of product related query with us. We will promptly answer your question.

In our next blog, we are coming with the best fur care and cleaning methods. Stay connected!

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