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A cold winter afternoon, according to weather report after an evening there will be medium to high snowfall, cold breeze is already here and you have an evening date. The scenario is sweet, maybe it is that date you are in the wish for long, there will be wine, candlelight, soft music, food, and endless love! See, how much you are blushing just by imagining about the evening!

Now you imagine cold, cough, and fever you are dealing with, there is limitless cold outside, you are getting freeze and the situation is no more romantic or pleasing.

Do you want to turn the first situation to the next situation? If your answer is NO, this blog is for you.

Actually, these two are the very common scenarios. But you can enjoy the first scenario according to your heart without tolerating the second one. How? Alen Cooper will tell you.

There is winter and you cannot do anything about that, it is the bliss of Mother Nature. She is unpredictable. But that cannot make you stop from an outing and having fun. A human can do anything and everything with safety and that’s why we are the best and most superior animal on the planet!

Now it comes to what can you do if there is too cold, even if the temperature is running in minus! Nothing to worry! All you can do without making a mess and that is you can wear a real leather jacket. Yes, the traditional option is the best choice for you in this kind of situation! A Real leather jacket is always classy and everyone loves it. Real leather has a separate fan base since the Second World War time. If someone truly likes leather, it is hard for him or her to switch any other option.

So, now come to the point how you can carry a real leather jacket on your date. If it is the very first time, you should look attractive without making anything exaggerated! You need to look sober and simple and feel comfortable. If it is your first date, you need to be careful about the color you are choosing, you can choose something romantic.

On the date, we girls always remain excited and even we feel a little awkward for no reason! But that cannot ruin your day if you plan early. What you will wear on that very day, the color, jewelry, shoes, accessories- everything you should plan and arrange early so that you can easily avoid the hurry and mess. If everything is prepared, you will have plenty of time in your hand and you can blend your foundation so well by taking time.

If it comes to makeup, Alen Cooper can suggest you that you can apply eye shadow by matching the color of your outerwear- it’s a new and unique idea. Generally, people match eye shadow with their outfit. Apart from this, you can do some good contouring, blush, and highlight according to your choice. Except for the face, there are a lot of places on your body where you can apply highlighter. Generally, it is winter time and most area of the body will be covered yet if you have some open areas, you can apply highlighter on the high points.

Now it comes to the shoe pair, in order to get an attractive and unique look you can match shoe color with your winter leather jacket. If it is possible, you should peak a leather boot with goring. It will offer both high-style and warmth.

You can wear a trendy wrist watch or a wrist band according to your choice. You can wear jewelry too. But if the leather jacket is studded with metal, you should avoid jewelry otherwise it will look exaggerated.

Now it comes to hair, it is winter and you can keep your hair open without a tie. Your natural open hair is beautiful than anything in this world. So, why not you let your date notice it and realize how lucky he is to date you!

It is evening time, you can apply some perfume rather than regular deo, sweet and mild perfume is ok! If you need long lasting smell, you can apply some Vaseline on your palm, wrist, and neck and then you can spray perfume there. And the smell will be with you for a long time. This is the best way to avoid any kind of embarrassing odor problem.

Now you are all set to heading ahead for your date!

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For more updates stay tuned with us!

Have a great day and date ahead!


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