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It is winter, it is cold outside, and snow is everywhere and all this reminding you of a real leather jacket you have been still in wish from last few years! This is quite a common picture. Not only you but also a lot of people are in wish of real leather jacket and saving for months to avail one. You know that these jackets are expensive.

A lot of people are already aware of the benefits of leather and they seriously want to purchase. But the market is getting filled with the synthetic alternatives and that’s why they are worrying that what if they end up by purchasing an alternative product instead of a lot of bucks. Alen cooper can help you in this aspect. How to recognize real leather that you can easily know from our blog post, here I am attaching the link- https://www.alencooper.com/know-how-to-differentiate-real-leather-and-a-synthetic-alternative/ .

Apart from this, there are some more things that a first-time buyer needs to do. Today, Alen Cooper is going to share those secrets with you so that you can buy real, best, and a perfect one for you without any hassle. So, let’s start-

Step: 1  Figure your size

Here you need to measure your chest circumference in the same way you do for your suit sizing. You need to measure the broadest part of your chest, just under the armpits. Generally, leather manufacturers offer a little larger jacket or coat from your actual size because you wear some clothing under the jacket. And it has been noticed that too tight jackets often make the wearer uncomfortable.

Step: 2 Select the style you want

There are various styles available in the market. And if you have no pre-choice you will find yourself getting puzzled in the store. With the help of the internet, now you can check various styles in details within minutes. So, before selecting a style, you can do some research and then can make the purchase. Some popular styles are biker, bomber, and mid-length, hooded, jackets with detachable fur collar.

Step: 3 Select the leather type

Just like the styles, there are variations in leather type too- steerhide, calfskin, horsehide, goatskin, deerskin, lambskin, yearling, and bison. If you want both style and elegance, you can go with lambskin, sheepskin, and shearling. These three options have been used for decades. These can offer you the required warmth, comfort, style, and elegance.

Step: 4 Select a color

Apart from the traditional black and tan colored leather jacket for women and men there are a lot of color variations that you can try this season. Now both men and women have a lot of color choices. To explore the variations, you can check our online listing or you can directly visit us at Green Acres Mall.

Step: 5 Choose the right retailer

All the retailers will say that they are the best in the industry. But before choosing anyone check the below facts that your retailer is offering or not-

  • Proper labeling
  • Detailed information about the product
  • Proper aftercare guide
  • Right price range
  • Good customer care policy

Step: 6 Check the return policy

If you buy online, you should check the return policy at the first move. You may not like the product after buying due to some fitting issues or color issues or if any accessory is missing and that in that case, you need to return the product and order a fresh one. You should check that your chosen retailer or website is offering a complication-free easy return policy or not. If your chosen one has customer-friendly return policy, you can easily go for that option.

Step: 7 Check the reviews and ratings

This era is about ratings and reviews. Now you will get reviews about all the e-commerce products online. And that is really amazing- you have a clear idea before buying the product. If your retailer has a website, he or she must get reviews online. You can check that. You will find reviews on its site or in Google’s local listing. From there you will easily get an idea about the product quality and retailer.

Step: 8 Check the customization service

Generally, very few retailers offer this service to their customers. If you find the size problems or want accurate shape you can easily go for the customization service. Alen Cooper offers easy customization service to its customers. All you need to do is share your right measurement with us and give us some time (2-3 weeks) to craft.

These easy eight steps will help you to shop the right product from the market. You should keep a fact in your concern and that is real leather jacket price is high always. If any retailer offers too inexpensive leather jackets, you should get sure that that is made of synthetic material and that is not a good option to your health.

In our blog post, we share each and every detail of our products, materials, and even how these products have come to existence and fashion so that we can keep our customers well-informed always. You can subscribe to us for newsletter service- we will keep you updated about our discount and other monthly offers.

Have a happy day!

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