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Winter is not about feeling freezy only. In winter there are so many exciting things to do and dressing well is the first thing! A lot of people feel that there is nothing to do in winter except dressing like a polar bear! If you think so then you are completely wrong.  Winter is the best time when you can easily enable a sensational look without feeling cold. When it comes to winter wear then fur cloths take a great place. Actually, it has been noticed that people, especially from the cold countries, prefer to wear real fur outerwear than any other outerwear option. From the iconic celebs to the common man- everyone prefers to wear real fur outerwear. Without any doubt, real fur adds the class and elegance instantly.

The way of dressing expresses your personality without saying a word. Modern people prefer to live smart, dress simple yet look elegant and that is only possible with the fur outerwear.

The hidden history of Fur

When it comes to real fur outerwear the generally we get fox fur, rabbit fur, and mink fur. It is not that the modern people have started the use of fur in form of winter outerwear. Fur clothing is the trend from the long back. During the 11th century, fur was worn as the symbol of wealth and high social status in Europe than just out of the requirement for warmth. European royalty prefers to wear fur coats, scarf, handcuffs, hats and other fur accessories made from mink fur on a regular basis. After the 1300s, common people started to adopt this dressing code in their regime.

In the Victorian era, the demand for luxury fur items got increased hugely. During the 1870s, Victorian men used to wear the fur coats and those were lined with fur on the inside and the outerwear side was made of with other materials. Women’s coats were of fur collar, wrists, and hem. The use of these products in the movies boosted the popularity of the fur coats and other accessories dramatically.

By the 1950s, it has been noticed that most of the heroes and heroines started to wear fur coats and other accessories in movies and in their private lives. Along with the price, rising designers started to create more casual looks with the real fur. After a while, fur coats started to become shorter and people were also enjoying these coats during the daytime.

During the 1960s, fur became more affordable than ever and synthetic alternatives also started to take place in.

Fur outerwear in 2019

In 2019, real fur still is in high demand. A large number of people are just gaga about these products. But the synthetic alternatives are taking a huge place in the market. And that is not a good fact. Most of the people are completely unavailable of the real leather virtues. And a lot of retailers are selling the alternatives in name of real fur. Synthetic alternatives are not able to offer you the required warmth. Apart from this, they are not also durable.

No doubt real fur is expensive although choosing the alternative one is not a good choice if you really want to add class and elegance to your impression. There are so many reasons for which people are tending towards the real option instead of the alternatives. Let’s explore the reasons-

  • Without any doubt the most obvious benefit is its incredible warmth that we get from the real fur outerwear. No synthetic alternative can match the heat retention that you from the real one. It is an ideal option for extreme cold.
  • Real fur outerwear can run for a longer time of span in comparison with the alternatives. And that’s why most of the people find it a valuable investment which ensures good returns in form of style, warmth, and durability.
  • Actually, it is a timeless addition to your closet. Real fur has never been out of the trend and will never be! No matter in which decade you are in and will be, you can enjoy the fur coats and accessories for a long period.
  • Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are offering great variation in style and price range. Now without spending a lot of bucks, you can avail the best products easily. It has been noticed that on special days, renowned retailers offer up to 50% instant discount on each product.
  • By wearing synthetic alternatives for a longer time period, a lot of people have faced skin rashes, bumps, and itching. And sometimes they require serious treatment by the dermatologists. But with the real fur outerwear options, there is no such chance. They are soft, organic, and do not reach against human skin. The wearer remains warm for all day without feeling uncomfortable.

Lastly, it can be said that fur coats and accessories give you the confidence that you need to get out and deal with the too cold winter in style and comfort.

Where to buy?

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Just after selling the product, a retailer’s responsibility is not over. How to take care the products, how to clean them and even how to recognize the real leather, fur, and shearling in this world of synthetic alternatives- we suggest. If you are purchasing a product from us then it is our duty to ensure all the best things so that you can enjoy the product for a longer time of span. Along with these, we offer customization service. If you do not get fit in the pre-crafted sizes or if you have your own design then just share with us, we will craft exactly the same for you!

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