A Complete Parka Guide You Must Read Before Buying
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“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”- Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Yes! Snow white winter may seem really romantic but when frostbite comes towards you, you feel the real pain of cold harsh winter. Winter is the season of celebration regardless of its lots of problems. The human can deal with everything. And that’s why they have made winter coats, jackets, and parkas to deal with the harshness of cold winter and live in their own joyous way. Yet some people fail to find their right winter outerwear, face the frostbite and cold breeze, and miss the warm and enjoyable sides of the winter. To make your winter warm, exciting, and fashionable Alen cooper is ready here with its exciting winter parka collection. You will dress appropriately and strongly deal with the winter and enjoy each and every celebration.

You know that parka is not a new thing in the practice yet Alen Cooper has made some magic and presented unique and completely out of the collection for both men and women. There are various kinds of winter outerwear available in the market and that’s why it is a little confusing to pick the best one.

A short history of winter parka

Winter parka is a traditional option with lots of ancient connections. It has ancient roots in Canada. It was invented by Caribou Inuit. It was made from seal or caribou. Caribou Inuit made this winter outerwear to get both warmth and protection mainly while kayaking and hunting. In order to make the outer shell water repellent, they coated it with fish oil. Previously parka was in form of amauti in Canada. Amauti is designed to carry a child against a female’s body to use body heat and save the child from frostbite, cold, and wind. Generally, mothers or female caregivers used to wear amauti and later male caregivers started to wear it. With days and decades, styles changes and people started to experience various kinds of parkas with or without real fur trim hood. This winter, Alen Cooper is offering trendy parkas for men and women with real fur inner lining and hood.

Now let’s concentrate on how to choose the right parka for you-

Choose it climate-wise
There are different parkas for different climates. Your parka search starts with considering the type of weather you are going to face.

Temperature– If you live a summer based climate, you should go for a simple and breathable parka without real fur lining. Generally, this type of parka has a polyester inner lining and comes with a detachable hood and lots of pockets.

Cold– If you live in a cold country and you can expect snowfall, you need both warm and water-resistant parka. That you can easily purchase from us. We have real fur lining and waterproof long winter parka for women with real fur hood trim. You should pick parkas with YKK zipper closure. This kind of zipper closure protects the wearer from the outside cold wind and saves the inner turbulent without losing the comfort value.

Types of parka insulation

Thinsulate– It gets used mainly in those parkas where bulk is not needed. The synthetic fiber insulation is very tight and holds more heat without losing its water repellent capacity. Thinsulate is not as warm as down fill or synthetic filling.

Wool and fleece– When it is cold and wet outside, you can pick wool or fleece insulation. They are breathable also and keep the wearer fresh all day.
Synthetic fill- Synthetic fill is important to maintain the turbulent capacity and breathability. It also provides a bulky puffy appearance.

Goose down– generally down insulation is not made from feathers but from duck or goose plumage. It is a natural mid-layer. It easily traps air and body air without compromising the breathability. It is accepted as the gold standard for insulation. It is lightweight and too comfortable.

Common natures of a true parka

If you live in a place where winter gives all its harsh punches without mercy, you need to purchase parka very wisely. Here we are offering some basic things that your chosen parka needs to have-

• Water repellent outer shell
• Lightweight, puffy, and secured with YKK zipper closure
• Detachable and adjustable fur trim hood
• Goose down insulation for both warmth and breathability
• Lots of stylish pockets like hand warming pockets and interior pockets
• A long cut design for maximum warmth and flexibility

Your final parka checklist

Well, if you are prepared to buy a parka for winter, here we are offering a quick checklist so that you can pick the best one instead of your hard-earned money. Availing a quality parka is no doubt a great investment in your winter wardrobe. And that’s why you are suggested not to miss a single thing. So, let’s quickly check the list-

Hood– you need to check that your parka comes with a hood or not. Detachable real fur trim hood is a great way to keep you warm and save from harsh frostbite. It needs to be adjustable too.

Collar– you need to check that it is properly insulated and fastened or not.

Zipper– check that the parka closes with two-way heavy-duty zipper or not

Storm flap– does your parka has snap shut- you need to check it as it adds style and protects cold wind from entering

Body– here you can check it according to the weather. Does the lining suits your weather? is it breathable? Check the material of the lining. Is the outer shell water-resistant?

Pockets– does your chosen parka has handwarmer pockets along with inner ones to carry electronics and other items?

Sleeves– are they long and properly insulated? Flexible? The wrist areas are secured with a zipper or elastic or not?
After checking all these, you will definitely pick the best one from the market. If you do not want to take this much hassle, just browse us and you will definitely get the best one for you. We have a triple quality checking regime and offer products without any dispute. We have lots of collections for both men and women. This winter, Alen Cooper is offering trendy and world’s best winter parka for men and women at a reasonable price range. All you need to do is just browse us. You and we are just some clicks away- let’s get closer this winter!

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