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Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury”- Coco Chanel

Hello Beautiful! Are you ready for winter fun? Let’s get ready for the fun and excitements. Don’t be a bed lover and spend the winter like a woman with hibernation. The city is glowing and ready for Christmas celebration. And all you need to do is just dress perfect and join the celebration!

Winter is all about fashion, fun, and comfort! We know that it’s too cold outside as well as the celebration. Don’t worry, you can beat the winter with your sensational appearance. And keeping you warm all day is our duty. All you need is just a fur coat to look stunning and stay warm. The best fur coats for women are waiting for you. Alen Cooper crafts the best winter outerwears in the market, what you can match here that you cannot match at anywhere else.

We understand that when the temperature starts to fall when you feel the need to step up and stand out with some seriously stylish outerwear. And that’s why we are here for you with some exciting teddy coat and jacket ideas. So, let’s start-

Teddy crop jacket- the main feature of this type of jacket is that it has a zip through front with a cropped silhouette. Along with this, it has elasticized cuffs and hem. It is ideal casual winter outerwear. People love to carry it for after work drinks and pub dates!

Teddy coat- these fur coats are the perfect blend of fur, shearling, and wool. These are available in deep shaded colors so that the wearer can easily get the attention. Generally, these coats have a double-breasted silhouette with a notched lapel.

Teddy Borg Biker- This style is inspired by motorcycle jackets. Here you can enjoy a contrast buckle at the neck. It is an everyday styling jacket or you can call it on-trend commuting attire. The entire body is of high-quality sheepskin and fur. For the too cold weather, this kind of long (comparatively) borg biker jacket is a great companion.

Leather and fur combination- leather and fur is a great combination. There are a lot of popular outerwear which belongs to this combination. There are a lot of biker jackets with the real fur collar. No doubt this option is great to beat the cold. Apart from these, long fur collar jackets are now trending options and celebrities too like it. Lastly, it can be said that touch of real fur can make your appearance more elegant.

How will you recognize the real fur?

Well, when it comes to buying the real fur outerwear then it is our duty to let you know exactly how real fur behaves. Actually, there are a lot of retailers who sell synthetic alternative in name of real fur. Synthetic alternative such as faux is not a good option as it can provoke the skin rashes and it provides less warmth in comparison with the real fur. There are some ways we can share with you. By applying those ways you can easily recognize your chosen item is of real fur or not. So, let’s start-

It has been noticed that generally, real fur tapers to a thinner point at the end and the faux fur tips are blunt at the end. By noticing this fact closely you can easily recognize the real one.

Generally, faux fur is attached to the woven fabric but when it comes to real fur then the base is of animal skin. Before buying any jacket or coat, you need to push back the fur so that you can notice clearly the root.

Lastly, it comes to the burn test. But you cannot do it in any store. Generally, if you burn the real fur then it will smell like burnt human hair. But burnt faux fur transforms into little balls and smells like typical burnt plastic.

How to connect with a reliable retailer?

In this world of alternatives, getting a real one is difficult! Even finding a genuine retailer is also hard. There are a lot of retailers who sell the duplicate products and there are a few who limit their responsibility just after the product is sold. These retailers do not deserve your time and money at all. Ensuring customer satisfaction is the main motto of any retailer, Alen Cooper believes so!

We always try to build a fair and strong connection with our customers. We do not brag or do not suggest anyone buy our products. We just say some effective shopping facts which can benefit our customers. If our customers find us really reliable then they make the purchase. And hopefully, the number of ‘happy Customers’ is increasing!

There are some ways you need to follow before making a purchase from any retailer both online and offline. Here you need to perform greater research. Firstly, you need to search for the product- its price and places where it is available. After that, you can make a price comparison among all the offline and online places. From the Google local listing or any online portal, you can check the reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings are genuine sources to properly know about the service, product, and retailer. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can directly communicate with the retailer before committing the purchase. These are the proven ways which can help you to get a reliable retailer easily. Every buyer is becoming smart day by day and this is your time to be smart and buy smart.

If Alen Cooper passes all these checking steps successfully then you can deal with us. We have a large collection of winter outerwear and footwear. We have started our journey ten years back. Previously we were dealing only in the offline mode but now we are online too! We have come online due to our customers’ demand. Our products are available in various popular online portals or you can directly buy from our site.

We offer exciting discount offers all around the year. You can order online or directly visit us and enjoy the free trial. A lot of customers have confessed that they like us most because of our customization service. Yes, we can craft according to your exact need. If you do not fit in any previously made item then we can again craft an outerwear only for you. If you have some unique idea in your mind or different size criteria, just feel free to share with us and we will love to serve you.

You can reach us 24/7. There is supportive team to assist all the customers and answer their queries accordingly. Leather, shearling, and fur outerwear are expensive although we try to offer you in a less expensive way. And during the festive season you can enjoy up to 40% discount instantly. So, come with us, commit a purchase, and look stunning in this winter!

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