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The fashion industry happily admits that it has one timeless clothing material and that is real leather. The real leather jackets and coats are classic and versatile items of the entire clothing setting. It has been on trend since the introduction and will never lose its popularity. If you are yet to have a leather piece, your wardrobe is surely missing a staple piece. Real leather jackets definitely say about your choice of style to the world. From the Hollywood stars to military professionals, everyone is in love with the iconic leather jackets. Even real leather biker jacket has paved a great place in the women’s fashion and style industry.

Today this blog will let you know how to style a leather jacket in 2020 without losing the comfort level. But before that why this is a must-have, let’s explain below-

There are numbers of winter clothing options there but which one is the best one according to your budget, to know that doing research is the only way. When we buy something, there are two major factors one is quality and the other one is your budget. A smart buyer never buys something which is of below quality according to the budget. Today there are lots of glitz advertisements everywhere and picking up the real gem is getting quite harder for common buyers.

When one head to buy winter clothing, he or she needs to keep some facts in the concern so that skipping the failed purchase can be possible. When you are heading to buy winter outerwear and you live in a too cold winter country, you need to consider below facts-

Warmth- If you live in a too cold country and snowfall is your regular winter mate, you have to choose an outerwear which is able to offer supreme warmth. Real leather jackets are able to offer extreme warmth even without layering. Just one jacket or coat is able to keep the wearer warm all day without causing any kind of suffocation.

Style- There are amazing types of real leather jackets in the market. Biker jackets, bomber jackets, blazer, mid-length coats, and so many other short and sleeveless jackets are available in the market. According to the current trend, one can easily pick the best one. Generally, these jackets are versatile and can be worn with trousers, formal pants, denim, and skirt easily.

Durability- when you are buying an outerwear for harshly cold days, it needs to be durable properly. There are so many flimsy and apparently attractive winter jackets and coats available in the market for both men and women. But those are not durable as a real leather piece. A real leather piece easily runs from one generation to the next one without losing its charm even a bit. Even it does not require any hassle-some care or maintenance.

Comfort- Real leather texture is purely breathable and it does not make the wearer feel any kind of suffocation. It is eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. There is also breathable lining inside. It does not cause any kind of skin rash or allergy. A lot of people complain that after wearing something synthetic, they face irritation, itching or rashes. But with real leather, there is no such chance.

Expense- Instead of buying every year a lot of winter dresses, buying a timeless super stylish leather outerwear is worth saving. Without any doubt real leather is a luxury outerwear option but it runs for really a long time.

These five facts you will only get in leather products. And that’s why it has become a ‘must-have’ winter outerwear today for both men and women.

Now, Alen Cooper will share the best ways of styling you can enjoy with a leather jacket-

Biker jacket- If you are a motorcycle rider and want protection and style at the same time, this one is the best option for you. Leather biker jackets are actually designed for motorcyclists. This jacket helps in protecting hands, shoulder, and back from fall and cut injury. And even the collar style prevents cold wind gust to enter. Just with denim, skirt, or full leather pant, one can easily pair it.

Bomber jackets- Previously it was limited to pilots. But today anyone can wear this as prevention of cold and to do some style. Here the focus is on the shape, cinching tighter at the waist and wrists. It is also accepted in formal dress codes with a formal full pant. It is also a great casual outerwear option. You can pair anything with it to get the ultimate attention.

Racer jackets-In order to add some extra fun in the clubs and pubs, now racer jackets are on high demand now. Previously it was only limited for racing professionals but now a lot of people are wearing it to create a casual punk look.

Flight Jackets- The specialty of this jacket is its shearling lining. It can keep one really warm. It looks both practical and adorable. It will definitely give a killer look and at the same time keep you nice and toasty.

Field Jackets- Previously it was a military wear. Cotton drill fabric was the previous material and later leather has replaced that fabric. It is longer than other available jackets in the market and rich with multiple front and side pockets. Today it is a serious fashion statement in order to create a sturdy look.

In these ways, one can make his/her winter days more beautiful, warm and enjoyable. If you are in search of real leather jackets with various styles, visit Alen Cooper today!

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