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 “I thought that my life would suddenly improve if I got a leather jacket and I was literally 100% right”!

Someone who is extremely in love with leather jacket has said these words and the rest world can relate it! When you look better, attractive, and in style, you feel more confident vibes inside. And you know that a confident person can conquer the world.

To me, clothing is a form of self-expression- there are hints about who you are in what you wear”- Marc Jacobs

When you feel confident inside you can better express your true self and that’s the best way to get success. If you notice, you will see most of the bikers prefer to wear leather jackets. And even a lot of Hollywood movies, they represent the hero with a stylish jacket and motorcycle. Motorcycle and leather jacket are just commonplace, not only in movies but also in real life. Since the Second World War time, men, motorcycle and leather jacket come in one alignment. During that war time, U.S military men have felt the need of a cold as well as injury protective outerwear. And Irving Schott has designed the leather biker jacket model for the very first time. After the way, common men started to adopt this riding and outerwear styles in their day to day life. And now nearly most of the people are riding the bike but not all of them are aware of the benefits of the leather biker jacket. In Germany, over 100,000 people ride the bike every day and if you are one among them, this blog can help you a lot.

Apart from the style and sensational vibe, there are a lot of things that a bike rider can get from a real leather motorcycle jacket (Motorradjacke aus Leder). Let’s discuss those in the below section-

Protection from injury- If you ride a bike on a regular basis, you know that how many specks of dust, particles, sunray and wind gust you face! And during the winter time, all these become worse. Along with these, the falling injury is also a common matter to the riders. But you can protect yourself from all these if you wear leather outerwear. High-Quality outerwear can offer you more than just a stylish appearance. If you wear leather outerwear, there will be a padded (quilted) layer of protection between your body and the outerwear. You can easily manage an escape from the cold wind gust, dust, particles, and small falling injuries.

Perfect for formal to casual places- you know how many dilemma people of German face on a regular basis when they need to pick a perfect suit for formal and casual places. And it becomes worse when one in a hurry! But with the leather outerwear, you will not face this kind of problem. Previously leather was not accepted in the formal places but now these jackets are accepted in all the places whether it is formal or casual! So, just wear a leather jacket pair it with a pant accordingly and set off!

Soft and durable- we have a common idea and that is soft stuff is prone to ripping, tearing, and other forms of damage. But this will not match with real leather. Its texture is soft and smooth. You will feel adding comfort by wearing it. But it will not get easily damaged. If you properly care a leather jacket it can accompany yours for decades. It can easily pass from one generation to the next generation.

Customizable- there are a lot of sizes available in the market although a lot of people cannot find their perfect size. Some feel that the chest is tight or the sleeves are too long. All these things you can fix if you go with the customization of leather jackets. Alen Cooper offers customized leather jackets even in Germany if you send us the right size and design chart.

Dust and moisture resistant- real leather is not waterproof but moisture cannot damage it. And even dust will not stick on leather texture. You can wear it anywhere even in the midst of dusty road but your leather biker jacket men or women (Bikerjacke aus Leder für Herren oder Damen) will not get damaged.

Easy to maintain- real leather is also easy to maintain. No washing, no detergent- all you need to do is just shake off the jacket after coming from outside, hang the jacket for nearly twenty minutes, and then place that inside a spacious closet. For leather regeneration, consulting the professional is the best choice.

These are the six main benefits that you can enjoy by availing a motorcycle leather jacket. Stay tuned with us and gets more information about real leather!

Hope you have found this blog helpful!

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