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Nothing can beat the elegance and warmth of real fur coat. If you are thinking the same as most of the people that why to invest in expensive fur outerwear when there is faux alternative and both are looking nearly the same! We will suggest you get a deeper look and you will definitely find some serious differences between real fur and alternative products. A real option is breathable, fashionable, and warm and made from renewable sources. If you take the real products in the right way, you can enjoy it for a really long time.


An elegant appearance


There are a lot of people who go for fur coats simply because they love the way real fur looks. A single piece easily evokes the images of Hollywood’s hay day- all the stars used to walk through red carpet wrapped in stylish fur! If you need the most glamorous option, you cannot simply ignore the charm of real fur. It has a lustrous as well as the fashionable look that any alternative product cannot match. With any synthetic alternative, you will not enjoy the same softness, shine, and flow.


A luxurious texture


If you are staring at a mink fur coat and cannot recognize it is real or not, just feel it. A real mink fur coat is amazingly soft and that softness you will not get with any other synthetic option. Generally, faux fur is coarse and its texture resembles cotton more in comparison with real fur. Real fur easily lays smooth and sleek across the outerwear. In humid weather, you will feel the same with the real option but synthetic options feel sticky to touch.


Incredible warmth


Some expensive faux fur coat may seem similar to real fur coats but when it comes to the warmth factor they fail instantly. Even in minus temperature, fur can keep the wearer warm but that faux fur coat simply cannot. Real fur has amazing insulation capacity and that’s temperature changes does not affect the wearer. But faux fur outerwear can give you burning sensation if you move from a too cold place to comparatively less cold place.




Comfort depends on breathability! Real fur will keep you warm yet it breaths.  With other synthetic alternatives, your skin may get dry and you can feel uncomfortable by wearing a fur outerwear jacket for a long time. But real fur has amazing breathable properties and that’s why there is no chance of overheat, any burn like sensational or sweat.


These are the four main benefits that will keep you relying on real fur instead of any synthetic alternative. Shopping real fur outerwear for adults or children is really a hard job as the market is getting filled with the synthetic alternatives and low-quality products.


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