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This is the ultimate and favorite part of winter when we can wear leather jackets. Women get really excited when they realize the winter has arrived and now they can enjoy stylish leather jackets everywhere.  Winter temperatures can vary especially from day and night and then the layer is the utmost key and that’s why these leather jackets come into the game.

There are a lot of popular leather jackets are available both online and offline for women such as fur collar, lapel collar and double-breasted jackets with hood and so many other types. And every woman wishes to try all these at least once in life. Which type is going to suit you the best that you can know from any retailer or you can simply research about the trend online.

And the most amazing fact is that now you can avail great style and comfort with real leather jackets just under $500! From where? From Alen Cooper! Yes, now Alen Cooper is here with exciting real leather jackets under $500. All the styles are unique and crafted by the expert professionals. So, let’s talk about the styles in the below section so that you can easily decide the best ones for you-


Double-breasted leather jacket- You know double-breasted leather jacket has a quite interesting story. Initially, it was known under the name “The Reefer Jacket” and mainly the sailors were the main users of this style. After that, this style took place in army dressing style and then into the sporting world. But at that time, it was not accepted as completely formal office attire but after the 1900s, it started to act like a more formal piece. Nowadays, these jackets are available as casual winter outerwear too. And the best part is that it has now peaked lapel collar style.


Alen Cooper was inspired by the style and crafted the same with imported real leather. With the advanced technology and expert designers’ help, you can enjoy the comfortable fit with a sensational style statement. And maybe that’s why a lot of leather lover visit us first when they need to buy jackets online for women.

Puffer jackets- Puffer jackets have come into the trend to satisfy the personal necessity. In the countries where winter is too cold, there this puffer jacket is a great option to stay warm all day. Eddie Bauer in 1936 first invented this style. Since 1940, this style has become one of the most popular leather jacket styles. And still, it is in the genres.

In Alen Cooper, you will get long puffer jackets with real fur trim collar. We specially craft this long jacket for women so that they can easily rule the trend.


Bomber jackets- From the name, you can guess it is related to war! Generally, the bomber tanks were used during wars. During the Second World War, these bomber jackets become popular. Military men who were directly engaged in war, they mainly used these jackets for adding warmth and protection.


Now, these jackets are available in Alen Cooper. We have a large collection. We have traditional leather jackets as well as V-collar comber with fur trim. Actually, modern people are in search of something unique and that’s why Alen Cooper always tries to craft modern outerwear with a strong stylish appeal.

Motorcycle jackets- Motorcycle leather jackets are in trend since the 1900s. After World War II, it has become among the U.S military. Motorcycles and military men became commonplace. And in order to ride the bikes safely, these jackets took place into the military regime. After some time, common people started to adopt this style in their regular outerwear setting. Women too started to adopt these jackets. Some popular female rock bands first started to wear these motorcycle leather jackets.

At Alen Cooper, you can easily get women’s biker jacket at the right price. We have the huge color and size variation when it comes to offering the best motorcycle winter jackets for women online.

There are a lot of other styles available at Alen Cooper. You can reach us both online and offline. Our products are available at a lot of online shopping portals or you can directly buy from our site. Or you can simply visit our physical stores. We will love to serve you!

Have a great day!

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